What’s Stopping You From Pursuing Your Passion?

The average individual will spend more than 30% of their lives at work. To put that in perspective this means – when taking into account sleep and traffic – you’ll spend more time at work than with your friends or family. If that thought frightens you, it should. Life is too short to be stuck working in a job that you don’t like or that doesn’t fulfil you. That’s why you should aim to pursue the passions that you have. We all have passions in life. We all have something that we love doing. Something that gives us drive and purpose. 

But, there might be roadblocks and barriers stopping you from pursuing your passion. Let’s explore these and see if we can break them down. 

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A Lack Of Inspiration 

It’s possible that you are struggling to pursue your passion because you don’t have the right level of inspiration. The good news is that inspiration can be found in countless places. For instance, you might love the idea of becoming an artist. If that’s the case, you should explore the work of some of the most influential artists listed by people such as Freddi Wald. Or, you could be keen to set up your own business. If you’re passionate about this, you’ll find there are countless young startup owners that you learn from. Once you find the right thing to inspire you, there’ll be nothing standing in your way. 


It can be risky to pursue your passion. This is particularly true if there are people other than you that depend on your income. It may not seem fair to pursue a passion if you have children that expect a certain quality of life. First, it’s important to note that you can pursue a passion and still have a safety net in place. There’s no shame or harm in having a backup. There will always be risk in pursuing anything new, but the risk is part of what makes the leap worth it. 


It’s possible that you are struggling to find the time to pursue your passion. This is once again understandable. Many people these days live lives that are far too hectic. The secret to finding more time to ensure that you aim to increase your level of productivity. Set a schedule for the day and work to ensure that you stick to it. Do be aware that this should include some downtime. There’s no point in pursuing your passion if it leaves you feeling exhausted. 


Finally, some passions will require investment and capital. You will need to bring your idea or plans to life with the right amount of funds. There are lots of options to take here including those that come with limited levels of risk. For instance, you can explore crowdfunding your idea. By crowdfunding, you can avoid issues with borrowing money. Pursuing your passion should not plunge you into debt.

We hope this helps you navigate around the roadblocks that are currently blocking you from pursuing your own dreams.