Top Tips for Frugal Gift Giving

There is nothing better than knowing a gift you have given to someone else is that they love it. Putting yourself in the position of being able to give amazing gifts is a wonderful place to be. The problem is that when you have a big family and a lot of friends, you have a lot of gifts to give! That can become costly and that’s not fun for you or your wallet.

Never let the pressures of society push you into spending money you haven’t got, not when you can buy great gifts from Cap America and be more frugal by making your own. Making your own gifts can be a fun thing to do but it can also be much kinder on the wallet. You want to give joy without going into debt and it’s being frugal that can really help. You can still be an amazing gift giver, and here’s how to do it:

Image source: Pexels

  1. Make what you can. Crafts, baked goods, themed baskets you create yourself and goodie bags will all work as amazing homemade gifts. The options for making home made things are pretty endless and all you need is a little creativity and inspiration. There are plenty of ideas online and if you’re good with cooking, jars of homemade jam will go so well. 
  2. Make a memory. You can really remind the people you love that you have memories together. Print and frame photos, or create collages on blankets. You can literally wrap the people you love in your memories and it’s a cheap but meaningful way to make gift giving fun.
  3. Offer something. If you’re a dab hand at DIY or you love to give your time as a gift, then making redeemable coupons for your friends and family that gives them a service of yours will be an amazing way to show some love. Sometimes, doing activities together is the best gift that you can possibly give to those who you don’t get to spend much time with. It can often be better than any material gift out there that could be offered!
  4. Do something for a group. Shopping individually gets expensive but shopping for families is less so. Putting a basket of delicious treats together like a hamper and gifting to the whole family can be more cost effective. You could even suggest a Secret Santa to help save money.
  5. Utilize cards. Gifts are nice but if you can, make your own homemade cards and send those instead. Long-distance friends and family will appreciate the effort that has gone into it and you can show how much thought you’ve put into the card. Remember to post early enough so that you can get your card delivered on time and take into account delivery times during holiday seasons. 

It’s never worth going into debt over a holiday or an event. It’s important that you remember that your gift is going to be a good thing either way!