Top Interior Design Trends 2022

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Thinking of sprucing up your home? Want to try a new look? This is a great idea! Home improvements are a good way to make your home feel more comfortable, enjoyable to spend time in and to make sure that the space is actually functional to meet your individual needs and preferences. You may also find that you’re happier to bring friends and family over when you have a space that you feel is something to be proud of. Of course, not all of us are natural interior designers. You may be wondering where to start and what to consider when it comes to making your space better than it already is. Needless to say, there are countless things you can do to achieve this, but a good area to start could be taking a look into some of the top interior design trends of this year. Here are some great design ideas that are popular for good reason!

Cream and Brown Shades

Minimalism has been in for a while and you may have noticed that your walls and those of many you know and love are very plain tones, such as white, magnolia or maybe mushroom at a push. But right now, cream and brown shades are definitely in vogue. Chocolate brown, caramel, camel… there are plenty of cream and brown shades that can make your home feel comfy, cosy and delicious!

Wooden Ceilings

This is a trend you’ve probably seen cropping up all over your social media – wooden ceiling design. You may never have considered making changes to the ceilings in your home. This tends to be an area that we accept as it is. If you have artex ceilings, you may have paid to have them levelled off and neatly plastered to escape a dated look, but beyond that, people tend to leave their ceilings alone, keeping them white and plain. This isn’t the only option that is available. You can also consider wooden ceilings, which can give your home a more rustic or stylish finish.

Venetian Plaster

Ever visited Venice? Ever found yourself longing for those living, antiqued plaster walls in your own home? Well, why not? Plaster finishes have been around for a long time, but many are now invoking them in their own homes, adding an aged touch with a lot of texture. This is quite a romantic design, so ideal for a loving and cosy space. Consider limewash too, for an extra authentic feel.

Vintage Furniture

Bringing a blast from the past, increasing numbers of us are looking into vintage and antique furniture over brand new creations. These types of furniture come with character and a history. Of course, finding the right option can take time, as you will have to stumble on it by chance. Browse sites like Etsy, where plenty of specialists advertise and sell their vintage wares. You may also want to head to antiques barns.

Hopefully, some of the information above will help to give you some inspiration that will transform your home into a better space!