Tips To Design Your Home If You Have Allergies

Photo by Katie Pearse on Unsplash

When you’re designing your home, there’s a lot to think about. If you suffer from particularly bad allergies, it adds another dimension to how you organize and decorate. 

Whether you suffer from pollen, dust allergies, or skin irritation, here are some home design tips you should consider. 

Keep your air-con units clean

Air conditioning can be great for people with allergies, but only if they are kept scrupulously clean. If you fit HEPA filters to your air con units, you can remove a lot of dust and pollen from the air, rather than having it circulating around your home, irritating your allergies. 

If necessary, call out an AC repair company to fix any issues and give your system full service. Change the filters as often as you need to. 

Keep the air at the right humidity levels

Your lungs can be irritated by too much or too little moisture in the air. Very dry conditions and air conditioning can dry out your sinuses and throat. If this is the case, invest in a humidifier to add moisture to the air. Or, a good old-fashioned way to do it is to have a bowl of water near your radiators, or drape a damp towel over them when they are switched on. 

Sometimes your home might be the opposite and have too much moisture in the air. This could be from a problem with your damp proofing, poor ventilation or you live in an area with high humidity levels. 

This can encourage dampness and mold to grow in your home and make any respiratory issues worse. In this case, a dehumidifier is needed. You can buy powered ones or small moisture traps that you can place around the home. 

Embrace minimalism

Dust can make allergies and asthma much worse. So keeping your home clean and dust-free is important. Unfortunately, the dust gets everywhere, and the more things you have around for it to collect on, the harder it is to keep it clean. By keeping your home as clutter-free as possible, it will be much quicker and easier to clean your home. As an added benefit, it will look better too. 

Choose fabrics wisely

Soft furnishings are another place for dust and pollen to settle on. But most people never think of these as possible places for irritants. The best way to remove this is to wash them regularly, so you will need to look for fabrics that are versatile and can be washed regularly. 

Fluffy fabrics can also trap much more dust than other, smoother fabrics too. 

Set a thorough cleaning routine

Unfortunately, when you suffer from bad allergies and asthma, you have to keep on top of your home cleaning as a priority. Having a space free from allergens that you control is very important. Homes build up dust and allergens all the time, and you need to create a thorough cleaning schedule to keep your surfaces, floors, and fabrics as clean as possible.