Tips For Improving Your Garden On The Cheap

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Your garden is a hugely important asset when it comes to social, mental and financial value. Not only does having a garden increase the value of your home by a significant percentage, but it can also provide you with a peaceful, quiet area of solace when life gets a little too much.

If you have a garden that has been a little neglected over the years, now might be the time to begin improving it. After all, you may want to sell up your home soon, or simply invest more time in your health and wellbeing at this stage in your life. Whatever the reason, we’ve got the best tips for you to improve your garden on the cheap, so you can enjoy the outdoors right on your doorstep. 

Let’s get started: here’s how to update your garden cheaply!

  1. Build a DIY shed. 

If you are looking for a place in which to store garden furniture, gardening tools, old belongings or even use as an extra room to add to your home, a DIY shed is the right choice for you. The cost to build a DIY shed is far less than it would take to have a professionally installed garden room, for example. Despite their lower price tag, DIY sheds can be stylish, versatile and highly useful for you and your family.

Once your DIY shed is built, you can:

  • Clear space in your garden and put away debris in the shed.
  • Use the shed as a quiet extra room, such as a yoga studio or reading nook.
  • Store unused belongings such as prams, old fridges or bikes, in the shed.
  • Make your garden look more stylish and aesthetically pleasing.
  • Generally get more use out of your garden space!
  1. Buy plants from seed (and be patient!).

Buying large shrubberies, trees and plants for your garden can cost a pretty penny if you aren’t careful. Decking out your entire garden with fully grown plants could set you back hundreds, but there are alternatives that can provide just as beautiful a garden – as long as you’re prepared to be patient.

By buying plants from seed and planting them in the right conditions, you can save huge amounts of money, and learn all about the process of growing plants from seed. You will become a more accomplished gardener and save your cash in the meantime. As long as you are prepared to put your patience pants on, it’s worth the wait!

  1. Watch gardening tutorials online.

Gardening tutorials are easy to follow, and are usually free to access online. Using the internet is a fantastic resource for getting your green thumb into the right soil; you can learn how to plant trees; the conditions in which you should plant certain flowers; tips for growing fruits and vegetables, and so many more. 

Online gardening tutorials, as well as TV shows like Gardeners’ World, can be a fantastic free resource for improving your garden without having to pay for a subscription or hire a gardener yourself. 

  1. Source reclaimed garden furniture.

Garden furniture that is sturdy, chic and user friendly doesn’t come cheap. That is, if you buy it new. If you want to save money on gardening furniture, try searching for reclaimed furniture that you can work on to suit your taste. For example, by using platforms like Gumtree, you can find free or cheap second hand garden furniture that can then be repainted, treated or simply restyled to suit your needs. 

By sourcing reclaimed garden furniture, you are not only doing your bank account a favour, but you are also helping the environment. Garden furniture isn’t always made with the environment in mind; by giving new life to somebody’s old garden furniture, you are giving your garden a unique and sustainable edge. 

5. Declutter your garden & create space.

Decluttering is absolutely crucial for making the most of your garden. If you have debris such as tarpaulins, roofing equipment, gardening pots, old furniture or no-longer-functional sports equipment, it brings the vibe of your garden down, as well as reducing the free space available. Note that sometimes, it’s worth an affordable investment in making this task easier for yourself, like having a tree service completely remove a dead or rotting tree so you don’t have to keep clearing up around it. By decluttering and committing to keep your garden tidy, you are making a totally cost-free move to improve the way your garden looks and feels.

Final thoughts

Improving your garden sounds like an expensive job, but with these frugal gardening tips, you will be well on your way to having a more beautiful garden with little money spent. Do you love your garden and want to spend more time in it? Follow this guide to make significant improvements!