The Basics You Need To Start Sewing

Whether you’re looking to make your own pieces of decor, save a little money with your own clothing alterations, or simply want a creative hobby, sewing can be an excellent craft to get into. It doesn’t have to be all that difficult, either. Here, we’re going to look at the basic tools that you need to get started, and their purposes.

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A good machine

Choosing your first sewing machine can take a little forethought. You might not want to opt for the most expensive option straightaway, but the super-cheap ones might be fairly limited in what they can do for you, as well. There are guides that can help you choose based on price range, whether you want it to be portable, and how good they are for things like quilting and embroidering. Your first sewing machine is not likely to be your last one if you end up really getting into it.

Decent fabric scissors

A lot of people who first get into sewing will wrongly assume that any pair of scissors is going to do the trick. Not so. If you don’t get yourself a real pair of quality fabric scissors that have a super sharp edge, then you’re rarely going to be cutting straight. This is nearly as important as the machine.

The right workspace

You might initially start out on the kitchen table, but that’s going to be fairly limited, as you not only want the space to be able to sew your fabric, but you’re going to find that you need storage space for all the supplies and tools that you need to grab on a regular basis, which can make sewing cabinets a lot more reliable. In time, you might want to also look at setting up a cutting table and ironing table.

The supplies

There are a host of other supplies that you’re going to want to keep close at hand. This can include pins to help you keep your fabric in place, bobbins to keep you in a good supply of thread, measuring tape, spare sewing machine needles, and more. A good desktop sewing supply organizer can be vital for helping to keep it all together in one space, too. You want to make sure your most-used tools are visible and accessible.

The right lessons

Aside from all of the material goods, you’re going to want to know what, exactly, you’re supposed to be doing. Whether you look at one of the many craft blogs out there, or you opt for YouTube videos, there are all kinds of sewing tutorials that can teach you everything from how to operating a sewing machine to the more advanced techniques, so take your pick.

Sewing is a hobby that will give as much as you’re willing to put into it. If you’re willing to invest in an elaborate setup, you can do a lot more varied work with a sewing machine. That said, you probably should start small and make sure that you like it, first and foremost.