Cheap umbrellas are as big of an eyesore on the sidewalk as they are in your entryway or closet. Chuck those bought-under-duress cheapies and graduate to a more grownup umbrella—one with a real handle, even! Plus, you’ll be less likely to leave one of these lovelies behind in a bar or restaurant.

Muji excels at simplicity, but this orange umbrella is anything but boring. $15.95.

Markable Umbrella


The Don’t-Mix-Plaids Rule encounters a big loophole with this playful Totes model, resplendent with a real wooden shaft. $30.

totes Patchwork Plaid Deluxe Stick Umbrella


Remember the Hypercolor craze of the 90’s? This color-changing umbrella from MoMA takes it to higher (and wetter) level—its white splotches turn neon in the rain. $40 from the MoMA Store.

Color-Changing Umbrella


You didn’t spend an extra five minutes putting on waterproof eye makeup this morning just to hide it under nylon, now did you? The clear bubble umbrella from Urban Outfitters. $18.

Clear Bubble Umbrella


Shiver me timbers—it’s a Pirate Umbrella! $32 via Uncommongoods.



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