A conventional sofa can feel like a cumbersome block of junk, especially when decorating small and/or irregular shaped rooms. The next time you need to furnish a living room or designated seating area, here are a few un-sofa options to consider.

A set of 3 club chairs squished together like this ebay find gives a sofa-like appearance, but with way more versatility.

Vintage 70's ultra MOD Mid-Century Modern Club Chairs , $899


What better way to decorate a living room than to make the ultimate symbol of relaxation its centerpiece? These images prove that hammocks indoors are a great idea…

images from the blog moon to moon

…Etsy shops carry some unconventional styles, like this handmade piece from Hamanica, $38.

Black Magic Single Hammock from Hamanica on Etsy, $38


Be stylish without even trying by swapping your sofa for a rectangular floor cushion. Add layered rugs, baskets to double as coffee tables/media bins for the ultimate relaxed living room. Set off the lowness of it all with a tall lamp and wall decor hung high…

…for a similar effect, layer two of these cushions from Urban Outfitters.

Persian Tile Floor Cushion, $69.99 each


Floor cushion idea too scary? A statement chair with fancy floor pillows strewn about is a safe compromise…

…Moroccan poufs don’t come cheap, but Nate Berkus saves the day with his HSN line at $119 a pop. In white, silver and gold.

Nate Berkusâ„¢ Ivory Pouf with Metallic Stitching, $119


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