Smarter Ways To Heat Your Home This Winter

As the temperatures get colder, it’s important to heat your home properly. But this year, with the ongoing cost of living crisis, you’re probably wondering how you can heat your home smarter and keep your costs down. Finding ways to cut back on your heating costs shouldn’t have to leave you in the cold, and finding better ways to heat your home could even help your carbon footprint.

Stay warm and comfortable this winter with the help of these smarter heating tips.

Image Credit: Unsplash under Creative Commons

Put your heating on a timer

Using a timer for your heating can help heat your home as and when you need it. It’s a myth that leaving the thermostat up all day saves money overall. If your thermostat has multiple settings for different rooms, set it to only use it in the rooms that need it.

There are also smart heating options that can help you run your heating more effectively, taking better control of your heating and making sure you only use what you need.

Take care of drafts

Your heating can work overtime if your home is letting the warmth out. Checking for drafts can help make sure the heat stays in your home instead of disappearing outside. Check around windows and doors for any signs of a weak seal or a broken window. You can also buy draft blockers to place under doors to keep the heat within one room as much as possible.

Make sure your heating system is properly maintained

For your heating system to work effectively, it needs to be properly maintained. Professional furnace cleaning can help keep your heating system in working order, preventing the build-up that can cause your heating to be ineffective. When your heating system has to work harder, it uses more energy, which can increase your bills. Ensure your system is regularly maintained and book a service call if something doesn’t seem right.

Use other heating sources around the house

Heating your home doesn’t just have to use your central heating system. There are other ways you can heat your home effectively, including:

  • Invest in better insulation for your home.
  • Use hot water bottles and thicker blankets in bed.
  • Keep your feet warm with cozy socks and slippers.
  • Use drapes to block out the cold from outside.
  • Use rugs to help insulate your floor.

In addition to heating your home smarter, you could look at other ways to save money on your household expenses, freeing up some money to put towards your energy bill. You could also see if you are eligible for any Government Benefits that could help you with your living costs.

Making your home warm in winter is important, helping keep you and your family safe and healthy. While the increased cost can be scary, you can prepare yourself by ensuring your heating system is working correctly and that your home is free from drafts. Use your heating smarter to warm your home this winter without increasing your energy use.