Not every bedroom has a closet and not every space can pull off having a bulky armoire or closet plunked down into it. Enter the garment rack: these versatile pieces keep your closet in order and look downright sleek when carefully arranged (i.e. not too crammed and somewhat curated, like a shop might do). Here are a few racks that get the job done in style:

Like a good mullet, this Industrial Garment Rack from Urban Outfitters is all business on top and full-on party on the bottom. $129.

Industrial Garment Rack


The IKEA Turbo looks like a swing set sans swing but is grounded and ready to do some heavy lifting. $44.99.



Compact and basic, this rack from The Container Store is a good no-nonsense solution that’s easily paired. $24.99

Adjustable Garment Rack


Move over metal—this rack is made of all-natural bamboo and features two shelves for stowing folded items. $99.99.

Bamboo Garment Rack


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