Quick Tips For Lowering Your Electricity Bill

Electricity bills have seen a steep rise in the last few years, and it has been, for many people, almost unaffordable. Saving money in as many ways as possible can lighten the load and leave you with a little extra in your pocket. 

Photo by Clint Patterson on Unsplash

Here are some quick ways to save cash on your energy bills: 


You need to know how much you use, when you use it, why you use it, and how much it costs. An online auditing tool can help you make a list, check it twice, and work out if you use too much. You can also check out your last month of bills and see if there are any significant differences. 

Energy providers

While many energy providers are roughly the same, many offer special packages for the elderly or the vulnerable. These packages, if they are applicable to you, can make a significant difference to your outgoings. A comparison website can help, but it might not tell the whole story. Make some calls to different providers and see what they can offer. 

Old electrics

If you have an older home that has an older system, you might find that you need to get an electrician in to check the wires and the outlets. Your bills might be much higher than they should be because you have an outdated system that isn’t built for modern electrical usage. 

Hot Water

You might not realize it, but depending on your system, your hot water usage could be your second-highest expense. And. a few adjustments to how you use your hot water could make a significant difference. Shorter showers, even by as little as two minutes, will use 23 fewer liters per shower! 


You need clean clothing, and if you have a busy household, the chances are your washing machine and tumble dryer are never empty. A few key things are only to run the washing machine with a full load, opt for a cooler temperature, and, whenever possible, hang the clothes out to dry. 

Air leaks 

If there are air leaks around your windows or doors, you are going to be losing both money and heat at a rapid rate. Go through the whole house and check to make sure all of the frames and sealed points are sealed correctly. Some styles of windows and doors, particularly older ones, may have a gap around the area where the window touched the frame. Invest in some pressure-sensitive weather strips and give yourself even fewer air leaks. 


Yes, wearing a cardigan or a sweater instead of turning the heating up is one of the most effective ways to keep your energy costs down in the colder months. Bathrobes, thick socks, and thermal layers make a significant difference in how much people spend keeping warm in the winter. 

If the wintertime is where your concern lies when it comes to costly bills, here are more than a few helpful ideas about how you can keep warm this winter: Smart Ways To Keep Your Home Warmer This Winter