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A great, well-placed lamp can dramatically alter how a room looks and feels. So, if your living room’s only light source is the generic ceiling lamp that came with your place, it’s time to shed some light on your mancave. Most living areas do best with at least three different sources of light: a floor lamp for directed light, a ceiling lamp for overall illumination, and accent lighting to set the mood. Today we focus on floor lamps. We recommend…

The IKEA Kulla lamp is industrial yet polished. A major selling point, besides the reasonable price, is that it comes with a dimmer. Also available in white.

Ikea KULLA Floor lamp, $89.99

This Target lamp successfully nods at the bourgeoning tripod furniture movement. Its drum lampshade should diffuse light nicely. $124.99.

Target Tripod Floor Lamp w/Drum Shade w/ 2 CFL bulbs, $124.99

Form and function are lovingly married on this wooden CB2 lamp. The solid oak frame suspends the shade via a red cloth cord, which adjusts for height.

CB2 L_MP floor lamp, $199

This modern Hudson lamp from Chiasso would be a great accent to a modern couch. The base is real marble! $198.

Chiasso hudson floor lamp , $198

Also from Chiasso, this spotlight floor lamp would liven up an otherwise boring corner and costs much less than other models on the market. Make sure to get a low-watt bulb, though, so that you don’t feel like you’re being interrogated from the couch.

spotlight floor lamp , $118



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