Making The Most of What You Own

Pixabay CC0 Licence

In recent years, minimalism has become very popular, and all sorts of different people from all sorts of different walks of life have been looking into paring down the number of possessions they own — while simultaneously going for a more spacing feel within their homes.

Everyday life naturally throws complex and tough decisions our way from time to time, and you may find yourself in a situation where you have to compare credit options to finance important expenses, or need to be in a position to move homes on a regular basis with little notice.

For all sorts of reasons, it may be beneficial not to own too many things. But even if you do go in for a bit of minimalism, that is by no means to suggest that you shouldn’t make the most of what you own.

Here are just a few suggestions on how to make the most of what you currently own.

Opt for belongings with a bit of personality and artisanship behind them where possible

Among individuals who are committed to a relatively minimalistic approach to personal belongings, you will often nonetheless find an emphasis on quality over quantity, as well as a significant degree of respect for items that display a good level of craftsmanship.

When all is said and done, belongings which have a bit of personality to them — and a bit of artisanship behind them — are likely to not only last longer, but to also feel more “alive.”

Polishing an antique hardwood coffee table that’s been passed down in your family will naturally tend to feel more uplifting and enjoyable than polishing a flatpack coffee table that came off a production line somewhere.

Belongings that have a story, and some personality to them, can feel a lot more meaningful.

Keep your home tidy and well organised

No matter what sort of great stuff you own, you’re almost certainly not going to properly appreciate it as much as you’d like, if your home is a messy and chaotic place to be.

Not only can clutter literally obscure your more meaningful belongings from view, but it also tends to lead to a certain sense of complacency within the home.

By simply tidying up, decluttering, and organising your home — and making sure that the belongings you hold onto are well arranged — you can begin really making the most of those belongings, while also enjoying them significantly more.

Where possible, aim to repair things instead of having them replaced outright

Once upon a time, it was normal for just about everyone to repair just about everything, if at all possible. Today, simply replacing various belongings outright is a more common approach.

Wherever possible, striving to repair things instead of just having them replaced outright can help you to appreciate those belongings more — while simultaneously giving them a bit more character and personality.

Of course, it also helps that repairing various belongings is often cheaper than replacing them, and will extend the lifespan of those belongings, too.