Make Your Home Feel Bigger Without An Expensive Extension

Image – Pixabay CC0 License

If you are living in a home that’s a little smaller than you’d ideally like, you’re not alone. While moving property or getting an extension may seem like your only options, neither are that appealing. Thankfully, a creative mindset will allow you to avoid either of those expensive solutions. Crucially, the updates won’t only make the home seem larger – it will become a happier setting too.

So, what are the best projects to create this desired result in the fastest possible time? Here’s all you need to know.

Let There Be Light

A lighter, brighter room will feel significantly larger than a gloomy one. So, one of the best ways to make the home feel bigger is to install bigger windows (or skylights) and dress them appropriately. Extra long curtain rods will give you the chance to find drapes that offer privacy and warmth at night. Or maximum light when open during the daytime. The versatility is a wonderful thing.

You can support this further with the use of LED lighting and other internal lighting features. Aside from giving you the chance to set different moods and a modern appeal, it is a move that can actively reduce your energy bills.

Revamp Room Layouts

Feng shui is a practice that has been used for centuries, and it can certainly boost your approach to interior design. This guide to kitchen layouts perfectly highlights how the right layout can transform the look and atmosphere of a room. In truth, similar ideas can be used in virtually all rooms. Saving valuable floor space by utilizing the walls and removing bulky display cabinets can be very useful.

Living spaces should save enough space so that they can be enjoyed by your family. Unfortunately, a cluttered look will prevent you from achieving this goal. Leaving clear walking paths will prevent this from becoming an issue.

Go Open Plan

Open plan living spaces have become very trendy, and it’s not hard to see why. It opens up the space to create the illusion of a bigger home. Taking down an internal wall can turn two spaces into one. The kitchen, living room, and dining room spaces are the most common choices. It also gives you the chance to implement a consistent interior design throughout the property.

Alternatively, you may find that sliding patio doors are an ideal solution. They combine internal and external spaces into one while also increasing the natural lighting. It can also add value, making it a wise upgrade from an ROI outlook.

Image – Pixabay CC0 License

Go Digital

Modern technology can change many aspects of your home. Perhaps one of the best benefits, though, is that it removes the need for as many physical assets. Switching to paperless billing can remove the need for a home filing system. Likewise, using digital streaming services will often allow you to cut down on your CD or DVD collection. The fact that your catalog is instantly available helps too.

The switch to digital can take place immediately or over time. In the case of losing the need for physical products, those unwanted goods can be sold too. Whether you do this online or via a garage sale, it’ll earn you some extra money as well as storage space.

Give Each Home Space A Purpose

Many homeowners are guilty of moaning about a lack of space yet fail to make the most of what they have. If you fall into this camp, it is essential that you put things right ASAP. A compact office desk will allow you to turn the space under your stairs into an office. Or you could look to transform the guest room or garage into a more functional part of the home. It will bring a whole new dimension to the property.

On a similar note, you should look to get more out of your garden spaces. A beautiful backyard can facilitate relaxation, family fun, sporting activities, and hosting friends. Allowing spaces to go underutilized is simply not an option.

Look At Alternative Extensions

Even the right interior design choices may not create the results you deserve. As such, you may be forced to look at an extension of sorts. However, the cost and hassle of a full building extension can be a little off-putting. Converting the basement or attic may offer a more convenient option. Again, your garden could be used to great effect too. Summerhouses are a prime example of this.

Above all else, every upgrade should be made with your personal needs in mind. After all, there is no greater way to make the home feel bigger than ensuring that it feels like yours. You’ve got this.