The main reason we at FM don’t have pets—besides being too big a responsibility for your average New Yorker—is that most pet accoutrement are fugly. No matter how stylishly dope your pad may be, one standard-issue cat tree and your whole look is foiled. Still, one does daydream of kitty purrs and doggy tail wags from time to time, and it’s nice to know there’s some cool-looking pet stuff out there should we someday bring home a four-legged friend. Our favorites:

Every cool cat deserves a turntable scratching post to practice on. $35 from Fred Flare.

Cat DJ Scratching Deck

Cat DJ Scratching Deck


$160 is a bit steep for a kitty feces receptacle, but this mod, top-entry box looks like anything but. Just make sure Garfield isn’t too fat to jump back out…

Modkat Litter Box


If they made these for humans, I’d want one too: The fleece-lined Pod from Hepper. $110.

Hepper Cat Pod


For dog lovers who also love the iconic Hudson Bay stripes, there’s this cotton twill dog bed (yes, they sell the dog sweater too, though we typically advise against matchy-matchy). $90.



For the gluten-free doggie: steak and mackerel chew toys. $8.00 each.

Small Dogmeatâ„¢ Mackerel

Small Dogmeatâ„¢ T. Bone Steak


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