Knock on Wood: 5 Nifty Ways to Use Sleeper Timber Indoors

When people mention timber, we often think of the outdoors. After all, we use them to decorate our gardens, from plant beds and planters to garden steps, to even the pathway as well as furniture for our garden. However, did you know that these sturdy pieces of wood can also be used indoors?

Timber sleepers are a great addition to your home, providing your interior with a touch of charm, character, and natural balance. For example, having wood furniture in a modernised home adds a touch of nature to the interior, right? The rustic effect that the timber provides to your interior makes you feel refreshed and still in touch with nature.

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The functionality and style that sleeper timber furniture adds to your home interior make it an appealing design to many homeowners. If you’re one of them, here are five nifty ways you can use sleeper timbers for your home.

  1. Plant pots

There’s no doubt that houseplants are a great way to decorate your home. Plants provide your home with greenery, enough to refresh your eyes and mind. It’s also proven that houseplants have a positive effect on our health, reducing stress levels and improving the air quality at home. Houseplants can become a great way to spend time with your kids and family, too!

However, growing indoor plants will require plant pots, which can cost you a lot as they grow bigger! You can save on expensive plant pots by using timber sleepers. It’s the same as using sleepers for your garden’s plant beds, the number of sleepers you use depends on the plants you have indoors. Just remember to use a waterproof membrane to line the inside of your sleeper before filling it with soil to prevent any water leakage!

  1. Mirror frames

If you have little space at home, using a mirror will create the illusion of a bigger space. But what would look better if the mirrors had beautiful frames to it?

Generally, frameless mirrors are less expensive than those with frames. You can use timber sleepers to add style and life to these mirrors. Not only that but because of a sleeper’s length, it won’t be hard for you to find the right dimensions for your mirror!

  1. Shelves

A growing family will need more storage spaces to place their stuff. Using sleepers as shelves can be an inexpensive way to create more storage space for your home.

Despite their bulky appearance, timber sleepers are ideal for shelves. These pieces of timber make sturdy sleeper shelves, allowing you to place items from books to toys to even your precious collection of CDs and vinyl records. 

Also, you can adjust the size of your sleeper shelves to the dimensions of your space. You can cut timber sleepers as big or small as you want, making it fit to your home!

  1. Kitchen island

Whether it’s a kitchen island or an indoor bar, using sleeper timbers in your kitchen is a budget-friendly way to upgrade your kitchen.

Kitchen islands made of sleeper timbers add a natural look and feel to your kitchen and also fit in perfectly with a wide range of kitchen styles. Not only that, using sleeper timbers for your kitchen island will cost a lot more than using typical materials such as marble. 

DIY-ing your kitchen island with sleeper timbers can be a great family project, and you can use complementary accessories and lighting to add your personal touch to your kitchen island!

  1. Wine rack

Who doesn’t love wine? And the experience makes it better when you get your wine from a great wine rack! It feels a bit fancier, right?

Creating a wine rack with sleeper timber is a great DIY project. It adds a bespoke touch as well as a personality to your home. Sleeper timber wine racks can also be great personalised gifts for friends during special occasions!

There’s no limit to creating a sleeper wine rack— whether you cut holes in the sleeper or attach pegs to the timber, the design possibilities are endless!

Upgrade your home today

Over the years, homeowners have noticed the possibility of using sleeper timbers for their homes. It’s not only for outdoors and gardens anymore, rather, it can also perfectly fit indoors! You can use sleeper timber to create a wide variety of accessories and furniture for your home— it’s not only limited to what we’ve mentioned here! You can trust a sleeper timber’s sturdiness to create functional furniture and add a unique and bespoke touch to your home.