Is Your Car Ready For Winter?

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If you’re going to be doing lots of driving this winter, it could be a good idea to carry out a few winter checks on your car first. These checks could be important for your comfort and safety. Below are just some of the ways to make sure your car is ready.

Consider switching to winter tires

Winter tires are built to have more grip. This means less risk of skidding when it comes to slippery and icy roads. You could also find it a lot easier to drive in the snow. 

If you live somewhere that gets very cold winters and there’s a high chance of ice or snow, it could be a good idea to invest in some winter tires. Spend some time shopping around to find the best deals (don’t wait until December when the prices are likely to increase). 

Make sure that you’re not driving on very worn tires. If the tread depth on your current tires is very low, it could be a good idea to buy some new tires. You don’t necessarily have to buy winter tires, but you should certainly buy fresh tires if your current ones are very worn to prevent the risk of an accident.

Make sure the heating is working

Now that the cold weather is setting in, many of us will be using our car heating more regularly. Make sure your heating is working properly – you shouldn’t have to grin and bear the cold.

Look for an automotive repair company that specializes in car heating. Check that features such as your car’s demister controls are also working. 

Check the battery

Car battery failure is a lot more common in winter. The cold weather affects your car’s liquid electrolyte solution causing it to work slower. Combined with the more taxing battery usage in the colder months, this can cause batteries to wear out.

Your battery is more likely to die if there are already battery issues. It could be worth testing your car battery to check that it is healthy. Try to regularly drive your car throughout the winter as this will also help to keep the battery charged.

Know when to replace headlights

Shorter daylight hours and harsher weather could result in you using your headlights more frequently. You should check that your headlights are not on their way out before winter sets in. 

If you’ve noticed your headlights starting to flicker or if they seem quite dim, it could be a sign that the bulbs need to be replaced. 

Grab some de-icer spray

For those mornings when you need to quickly de-ice your windows, it’s useful to have some de-icer spray handy. This will make removing all that ice a lot easier than simply having to scrape away.

You should check that you’ve also got a scraper in your car. This will save you having to improvise with a bank card or another object.