How To Save Money When Moving House

Moving house can be costly as often incur unexpected fees that do not fit your budget. To ensure your budget and money plans fit with your next move, here are the best tips to take on board. 

Moving during off-peak season will often help you save money, as van hires, removal companies, and surveyors can afford to reduce their prices. The property market is booming for most of the year, but if you choose a timeframe where it’s quiet then you might strike lucky and get better deals. 

Packing up the house yourself and moving as much as you can without hiring someone else to do it will save you money, but not time. So, if you can afford to dedicate some time to packing and moving, you can save some cash to spend on the new home. If you don’t have cardboard boxes to pack away your things, you can ask around for free ones from friends, local shops, and online marketplaces. 

Plan ahead for legal fees. When you move, you will have to pay a surveyor, lawyer, and  insurance fees. These are a necessity and will ensure your home is safe and secure to move into. Budget for these fees to ensure you are not hit with unexpected invoices. 

If you’re looking for a new property, please take a look at the following infographic. It shows the latest knowledge and deals for property prices. It will help you understand the current property market and help you make better investment decisions for your family.

Infographic designed by: Property Guru PropertyGuru Largest Property Portal in Malaysia