How to Save Money on Toys this Year

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels

Toys can become a very expensive thing, even for one child. But you can save money on toys with some savvy shopping and the right attitude. So, here are some little tricks to get started.

Buy One at a Time

Like most things, it is best to spread the cost of your toy purchases if they are expensive. A good tip is to simply buy one at a time. For example, if you have three birthdays coming up in the summer, buy one toy per month in spring. High-quality collectible brands like LOL Surprise also have seasonal promotions and offer toys for all budget ranges. LEGO is also a great option here because you can buy kits that your kids can collect over a longer period of time.

Keep an Eye Out for Deals

Further to seasonal promotions, many toy stores and manufacturers offer great deals. But the trick is keeping an eye out for them. And more often than not, you can spot a deal when you are low on cash. So do some research about the toys you want. It helps to note the times of year when they are usually on sale. Then you can make sure you have the money in your bank to take advantage of the deal the next time it comes around. You just have to play the deal game.

Save Money on Toys with Discounted Vouchers

But why would you not take advantage of getting more than what you paid for? For example, the well-known video game platform CD Keys offers PlayStation Store vouchers at a discount. You can genuinely purchase a $100 voucher for $80. That’s more or less putting money in your pocket. Which of course will go great with a brand new flat screen TV Christmas gift so your teens can stay on Fortnite for weeks on end and give you a little break as a tired parent.

Consider Used Toys

Like many other things, toys get wasted in landfills. It’s usually plastics that cannot be recycled. And this is to be expected. But something you may not be aware of is that around 60% of toys actually never get played with, and some are never opened. So why not consider used toys? Of course, you must check they are clean and safe. But given the statistics, a used toy is likely to be still in its packaging and good as new. Sites like eBay and Amazon are great for used toys.

Buy Quality Instead of Quantity

Cheap toys break easily. That’s a fact. So like anything, you will just end up wasting money by replacing them. Therefore, it is always better and cheaper to buy something of a higher quality instead of a cheaper version. With better quality toys, you can almost always guarantee they will last much longer. And in the event they do break or have defects, a reputable brand will usually have a better customer service or returns policy. Shopping at major stores also helps.


As prices rise, you may want to save money on toys for your kids. You can buy one toy at a time, take advantage of discounted vouchers, and buy higher-quality toys from a major store.