How To Re-Energise Your Home 

Every home has a certain energy to it, and over time that energy can disappear, meaning that the home we used to love and feel at peace in becomes uncomfortable and stagnant. It might even start to feel unsafe. To prevent this from happening and causing you distress (this can lead to mental health problems, for example), it’s important to know how to re-energise your home. With that in mind, keep reading to find out more. 

Photo by julie aagaard

Introduce Indoor Plants

The natural world can do a lot to help us feel better and to make the energy of a place work better for us. This is why it’s a great idea to include some natural indoor plants in your home. Not only will they look lovely and make you feel a lot calmer and more relaxed, but they can also remove toxins from the air. All of this added together means that your home will have a much more positive energy about it, and your mental (and physical) health will improve. 

Of course, you’ll need to take care of the plants in your home, so it’s wise to choose those that you can handle. One way to keep your plants healthy is to invest in dehumidifiers. These will keep the humidity levels right for the plants and will also help to remove toxins, giving you double the help. 

Refresh Your Colour Palette 

Colours have a major impact on how we feel and what we think of a place, so it makes sense that they would have a link to the energy of a building as well. If you feel that the energy levels are wrong or low, one way to re-energise your home is to freshen your colour palette and start to decorate with colours that will improve things. 

Choose tones that make you feel happy and uplifted, like yellow or orange, or soothing colours like blue and green. Experiment with different ways of adding colours until you find what works for you. You could have an accent wall, for example, or perhaps the cushions on your sofa are a specific shade. Maybe you choose art that contains a certain hue. The choice is yours, but what you should not do is stick to colour trends if those colours are going to do more harm than good – it’s better to be energised in your home than on trend. 

Make Your Bedroom Perfect 

Even if there isn’t a lot you can do in most of your home to change the energy, you should at least try to make changes in your bedroom – this could be enough to help you feel great and positive (and that will then go on to make you feel better about the rest of the house). Your bedroom should be a serene oasis where you can get plenty of rest and rejuvenate, so getting this right is important. 

Make sure you have a good mattress and comfortable bedding to start with. You should also be able to block out all the light when you need to, so blackout curtains or blinds can work well. Soft lighting is ideal, and remove any screens from the room, including TVs – the blue light they emit can confuse your circadian rhythm, and that can mean it’s hard to get to sleep.