How To Practice Self-Care On A Budget

The importance of self-care is well known and greatly appreciated, more so now than ever.  By practicing a bit of self-care you can help stave off feelings of low mood and even help to prevent the onset of depression. What is more, contrary to popular belief self-care does not have to come at a hefty financial cost. Here are some ways that that you can help practice self-care without affecting your financial health.

Photo credit Daniel Reche from Pexels

Drink well. Eat well.

Believe it or not being dehydrated can have a negative impact on your mood and your energy levels. To avoid an afternoon slump or heavy head be sure to drink up. Remember to stick to water and to avoid too many caffeinated or sugary drinks. 

As well as drinking well, eating well is equally important. That is not to say you need to pack your diet with superfoods all day everyday but ensuring you get a good balance of nutrients and fresh food will help you look and feel better about yourself from the inside out. 

Priotize sleep

Ensuring you get sufficient sleep is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to self care. Low mood, anxiety and stress often comes hand in hand with poor sleep. What is more your ability to deal with challenging situations is made harder when you are not working at fill capacity on a good nights sleep. To help improve your sleep practice good sleep hygiene, such as no caffeine after 4pm, no screen time before bed and using your bedroom as a place to sleep. Not eat, work and chill. 

Spend your money wisely 

There will come a time when you may need to part with some cash to practice your self care but you can do this carefully and wisely to look after yourself effectively. It may be that a weekend away from daily routine will do you the world of good, or perhaps you need to buy a new pair of trainers so you can get out for the feel good run, or maybe your hard earned money is best spent funding a stay in a rehabilitation centre. Rehab centres such as Sunshine Behavioural Health can help those suffering with substance abuse problems to overcome their addictions and this can be the very best self care you practice. 

Get out and about

While getting out from under the duvet or up off of the sofa may be unappealing at times the benefits can be plentiful. Sunlight or exposure to vitamin D and fresh air are known to improve your mood as they help produce endorphins and melatonin, natural chemicals that are well known mood-boosters. So force yourself off the sofa and get out and about in the fresh air. Better yet go for a run or walk the dog as exercise is also known to help improve your mood and this way you getting heart racing and exposing yourself to natures natural mood-booster.