How to Improve the exterior of your home

It is just as important to upkeep the exterior of our homes as it is the interior.  Having a home you feel happy to come home to can make a big difference to your day.  The exterior can feel overwhelming though as we don’t always know how to improve it.  In this article we will give you a few ideas to improve the exterior of your home.

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It’s really important to make sure the exterior of your property is in a good state of repair, as otherwise it could cause you problems on the inside.  You need to regularly maintain your roof and guttering, and eaves and soffits.  Consider if you need new windows, or a waterproofing contractor to fix any leaks.


A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference to the outside of a rendered home.  You could even change the colour if you are feeling adventurous.  If your home is not rendered you could consider cladding to completely change the look and improve the exterior of your home.


Wonky and derelict fencing immediately makes a house look uncared for.  They might just need a coat of paint, or you might need new panels entirely.  You can buy fence panels made of composite material which are very low maintenance and weather proof and great for the environment.


It could be that you need to repave your driveway, or maybe you just need to weed it!  You can use a wet and forget weed killer that you only need to apply once a year to reduce the maintenance.  

Bin Storage

We have to store our rubbish somewhere before it is collected.  But bins can be an eyesore.  You can make or buy bin compounds that hide the bins away and stop animals from getting in there too.


A statement door can completely change the look of your home.  Whether you want something in-keeping with the era of your home, or you want to modernise it, there are lots of options available.   Plus it makes it really easy to explain to the deliveroo driver which one is your house!


Plants make a house inviting.  You can start small with a window box, or create plants that climb fencing, or indeed the house itself.  


Lighting is important for security and safety.  A modern outside light increases curb appeal.

Grass or Aggregate?

If you have a lawn outside your property, maintain it.  If you are finding it too hard to maintain, consider an aggregate such as sones or chippings, sweep regularly to keep it contained to your property.  Aggregate can be an added security benefit to your home too.

Letterboxes and Door Numbers

If you want something unique or a bit quirky, search for handmade letter boxes or door numbers and make your house the talking point of the neighbourhood.


Sometimes to improve the exterior of your home will require money and skilled labour.  But sometimes a bit of paint and some pretty plants can make all the difference to the curb appeal of your home, and give you a house to be proud of.