How to Give Your Home A Spruce Up For Spring

Picture by Pexels at Pixabay

With the gloom of January and February now well behind us, you might have taken more than one glance around the house and thought this place needs a facelift. By this point, you should be well-rested from the stress and energy it took to get the house ready for the festive period. Maybe you’re looking for a new lease of life to breathe into your home; this could take the form of some new decorations, an art project, or a deep clean. We’re here with just a few of the many ideas you can employ to spruce your home up for spring (on a budget).

1. Deep Spring Clean

The no.1 best way to switch up your home without spending too much is to focus instead on improving what you already own. This means decluttering and deep-cleaning fabric like carpets and upholstered furniture. Companies like Nature Works Chem-Dry specialise in cleaning the parts of your home that require a little extra attention, leaving the areas that see a lot of traffic – carpets, rugs, couches – looking and smelling fresh. You can also declutter your space without feeling the need to buy more “stuff” – that’s the point of a declutter! Present your home in its best light by freeing up some surface space, and storing less-important items in cleaned-out closets.

2. Find Your Spring Sound

If your main living area doesn’t garner a lot of natural light, or perhaps has a restrictive view, you can help foster a sunny, springtime atmosphere using music. Bluetooth speakers don’t have to break the bank and their portability makes them great multi-use items. Crafting a thoughtful playlist, especially one that can be heard throughout the house, is a great way to open up the space in your home. If winter is the time for shut doors to keep in the cosy heat, allowing more open space for music to flow through your home is a great way to greet the new springtime air. Or, you can trailer this atmosphere to your living room or bedroom specifically by treating yourself to a gorgeous record player. The vintage sound quality is instantly soothing and the right jazz record complements the warm, relaxed feel of mid-spring. Buying second-hand records is not only a fun weekend activity but a more cost-effective way of bringing music into your home than splurging on an expensive sound system.

3. Get Crafty 

You don’t need to ransack the nearest furniture shop to smarten the place up. Decoupage is a fun, easy and cheap style used to upcycle tired pieces of furniture. Using furniture glue, a brush, and any lightweight paper, you can modernise an old desk or give some character to a brand-new cabinet by glueing carefully chosen art paper onto it. Be as meticulous as you want, or overlap scraps to create a shabby, homemade look. If you’re feeling tentative, pick one part to focus on, like the legs of a chair or a statement drawer. It’s a great activity for kids to get involved with too, though we’d suggest starting them on something small, like a picture frame or jewellery box.