How To Create A Vintage-Themed Journal

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

‍As you know, the word “vintage” means different things to different people. To some, vintage fashion is a reminder of times gone by. To others, vintage is a reminder of when things were simpler and purer. But, even in today’s world, there is still something about the word vintage that makes us think of old, beautiful things. For many people, vintage is about taking old things and making them new again. And if you’re looking for a way to add some old-world charm to your own life, a vintage-themed journal is excellent. So, whether you’re hoping to add a hint of old-world charm to your own life or if you’re looking to capture the beauty of a bygone era, these tips will show you how to create a vintage-themed journal on your own.

Decide What You Want Your Vintage Journal To Look Like

The look you choose for your journal is significant because it will set the tone for your entire journal. What kind of style do you want to go for? Are you hoping to create a vintage look based on a particular decade, or do you want to go for something more centered around a specific topic? Since journaling is about taking a moment to reflect on your life and your feelings, you want to choose a style that will help you set the right mood. You can also try mixing and matching elements from several different types. For example, you might choose to add a vintage feel to the cover, adding a gorgeous photo of someone from the past as the cover image while adding a more modern layout to the inside pages. This way, you’ll be able to create a journal that feels like it fits right in with your lifestyle and tastes.

Decide What You Want To Include

What, exactly, do you want to include in your vintage journal? Here are some things to think about when deciding what to have in your journal. Start by thinking about the things that are important to you personally. Are there things you’d like to remember or events you’d like to leave behind? Now, try to think about how you’d like to include them. Finally, what do you want to have in your journal? As you’re thinking about these things, keep in mind that journals are a way to express yourself and your thoughts. So if you want to include photos of your family or yourself, go ahead and do that! 

Suppose you have recovered from a severe illness like lymphoma or overcome a significant hardship like moving to a foreign country where you don’t know anyone or accomplished something unique like graduating from university. In that case, these are all types of things you’ll wish to include in your journal. You’ll also want to have quotes you’d like to remember or write about the events and relationships in your life that are most important to you.

What You’ll Need

Now that you know what you want your vintage journal to look like and what you want to include, it’s time to figure out what you’ll need to make it a reality and gather the proper art sources and supplies. First and foremost, you’ll want to pick the right journal to decorate and write in. You’ll want something sturdy and something that will last. You can find journals online or in bookstores or even make your journal. The most important thing, though, is that you find something that you like and feels right to you. You will also want scrapbook paper or stickers and different tapes, ribbons, and materials to decorate your pages. You can find these at any stationary store or even online, and there are tons of other options. You can mark your journal pages in a variety of ways. One way is to use a pen on paper. You can also use stamps, stickers, or other markings. You can even use an item like a dice, coin, or button to mark your pages.

Create The Pages

Now that you’ve selected a theme and decided on what you want to include in your journal, it’s time to start creating the pages. Before you do, though, you should keep a few things in mind. First, your pages should be loose. This way, you’ll be able to add more as you go, and you won’t run out of space. The loose pages will also help the ink from your pen or pencil stay on the page.

Additionally, you don’t want to pile on too many stationary or craft supplies per page. The last thing you want is for your page to fold from being unable to hold the weight of everything or for your journal not to be able to close. Lastly, it would help if you tried to make your pages so that they will stay preserved for a long time; consider using acid-free supplies, for example.