Love the tradition of Christmas trees but hate the watering, needle vacuuming and potential de-squirreling associated with having a real one? Consider an alternative. From plastic to cardboard, these hip real tree alternatives add holiday cheer without the mess and space hogging. Best of all, instead of dragging these to the curb come January, you can stash them in a closet until next year.

Eat your heart out, Charlie Brown. This adorably sparse tabletop tree from Urban Outfitters is just $9.99.

This Tree Needs You


Why did the Modernist cross the road? Why, to get this stark wooden Filigree Tree, of course. Available from DWR, it’s 5 feet tall and easy to assemble/disassemble. $124.50.

Filigree Tree


For extra-lazy holiday enthusiasts, there’s the cardboard Christmas tree. Just pop it up and let the good times roll. $19.99.

the cardboard christmas tree


This pre-lit pink tree set from Home Depot doesn’t even need ornaments to achieve optimal festivity levels. $79.99

2-3-4 ft. Pre-Lit Pink Tinsel Alpine Tree Set (3 trees)


Vintage ceramic trees are undeniably kitsch and look undeniably inviting when lit in a window. Find them on Ebay or Etsy. $45 from Etsy.

large vintage ceramic christmas tree with lights

If a single bay leave can infuse a whole stew with forest-like aroma, imagine how nice an entire bay leaf tree would smell. $79.99 from Pottery Barn.

Natural Bay Leaf Tree



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