Gingham has always been a go-to fabric for summer dress shirts and outdoor tablecloths, but it’s a fun pattern to work in at home, too. Crisp yet casual, it adds a bold pop of color without getting in the way.


Sprightly gingham is paired with refined linen on this CB2 throw pillow. $34.95.

linen check 18" pillow


Contain that sea of pens and pencils lurking in the bottom of your bag with this sharp case from Muji. $7.25.

Gingham Pink Pen Case


Gingham gets all grown up on this black and grey duvet set from IKEA. $24.99.

BRUNKRISSLA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), black, gray


This boldly blue rug from Williams-Sonoma would enliven even the dullest of spaces. On sale for $119.99.

Gingham Rug


If Dolly Parton had a fancy powder room–which I’m sure she does–I imagine it would feature dainty lampshades like this one from JC Penney. $15.

Gingham Lamp Shade


These earthenware BBQ boats may be intended for hotdogs and fries, but would be equally fun to eat cereal or soup out of. $33.99 from Target.

Gingham BBQ Burger Boat-3 Colors


Mix some gingham into baking time with this tastefully trimmed mixing bowl from Crate & Barrel. $16.95.

Gingham Mixing Bowl


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