Gift Ideas for The Person Who Has Everything

What do you buy for the person who has quite literally everything? It’s an age-old question, isn’t it, and finding a great gift for that person who is tricky to buy for can be stressful and time-consuming. And while it may be the thought that counts, there is something a little disappointing when you realize your gift didn’t quite hit the mark or have the reaction you were quite expecting.

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So how do you ensure that your gift is received well and is something the recipient will love?

  • Interests – Get your detective head on and have a little snoop into their lives and see what passions they have. Steer them into a specific line of questioning, have a glance around their home, or even send them links of fun ideas you have found to gauge their reaction.
  • Wants or needs – different people have different standards when it comes to gift buying. Some people love to receive items that they need around the home or wouldn’t buy themselves. And household items such as kitchen gadgets, mirrors, pictures, etc., could be ideal for them. Other people view birthdays and gift-giving celebrations as a chance to buy things they want more than they need. Be it that expensive handbag they wouldn’t buy themselves, a high brand bottle of spirits, or a game they have been dying to play but won’t pay for.
  • Personality – for the life and soul of the party, you can guarantee they will be vocal about their gifts, and for the friend with a quirky sense of humor, they will be appreciative of gifts that play to that part of their personality and so on. The better you know someone, the more out the box you can think when it comes to unique gifts.

Another option is to get together with family and friends and contribute to one more expensive item to avoid everyone needing to purchase a separate gift. This can be something they really need such as a weekend away, an expensive jewelry item to commemorate a special birthday or occasion or even for the more practical of people, a new household appliance they have been coveting.

Be mindful of your budget when buying gifts to avoid going into the red for the sake of picking the right gift. There are many ways you can budget throughout the year, and being able to put a small amount of money away each week or month can help you afford birthdays and celebrations without having to worry about the cost. Shop out of season for gifts in the sale and cash in loyalty points or rewards to bring down the cost or take advantage of member prices.

What are the best unique gift ideas for the hard to buy person in your life with all that out of the way?

Personalize It!

Technology has advanced so much in recent years that there is an almost limitless number of choices of items you can personalize, from standard jewelry to pictures, personalized clothing, or mugs and phone cases.

Make it extra special by adding important details such as memorable dates, quotes, or even creating a poem to add to your personalized gift. Personalized items are great for everyone and are available for many different products spanning different genres. You can even buy personalized paint by number to literally paint their own face and frame it! What’s not to love.


Do you have an avid reader to buy for, or how about a beauty addict? It really doesn’t matter you buy a subscription box for pretty much anyone and everyone. If you can think of it, you can most probably get a subscription box for it and your dog too! Pets can get in on the game with their own subscription boxes.

Some of the more fun boxes are Pop In A Box, where you can get a different Funko Pop! figure from a chosen pop culture franchise through your door each month. Candle subscriptions mean you never need to worry about running out of candles again. How about an endless supply of gourmet Pop-Tarts through your door every month and a fun date night in a box.


Movie lovers can benefit from a pass for their favorite cinema, be it for unlimited showings for a time period or a gift card to allow them to catch a film or two on you. Not a fan of movies? No problem. If you know what they love to do, give them a pass to do it for free or to pay a visit to somewhere they love a great gift idea.

There is no getting around the fact that sometimes days out can be expensive. So why not purchase a gift card or annual pass to have a gift that keeps on giving, and instead of owning more ‘stuff,’ they can own more good memories and have a great day out.

It doesn’t even need to be a day out. You can buy Spotify passes, Xbox passes, and gift cards for all the big streaming services too.

Adopt an Animal

Give a great gift that helps others take care of the world around us. There are charitable organizations that do good to help wildlife thrive all around the world. With many endangered species, there is the option to adopt an animal, and not only can this come with some goodies and perks for the adopter, but you can also help a cause close to their heart.

Another idea is sponsoring a guide dog or an assistance dog. It can be expensive to train animals to help humans live their lives with support, and such charities will allow you to pay for training to get an assistance dog ready to help someone who needs it. A great way to help out charities while giving a special and unique gift to someone who would appreciate this.


Much in the way, passes can help people get out and about to give experiences. Think Broadway tickets, once-in-a-lifetime trips, concerts, festivals, and so much more. Memories are invaluable, and as such, being able to give something that they can remember long after the event has finished can be that extra special gift you have been looking for.


Giving the gift of time can be a perfect gift for the person you haven’t much of. Write them an IOU for a fun day or night out, an afternoon to catch up, or a special meal at home or a favorite restaurant. This type of gift can have much more meaning than simply buying something for the sake of it. And you can give it to anyone. Giving them your time and attention is a great way to show someone that you care, and you are there for them whenever they need it.


Gift them a skill that they possibly wouldn’t have learned otherwise. You can buy a course for literally anything online and enroll them in an art course, creative writing class, or even a private teacher to finally learn to play that guitar that has been gathering dust. If they have mentioned to you, they have a passion for something or want to learn a new language, for example, what is stopping you from helping achieve that goal.

Gift Basket

Instead of one big gift, why not create a little hamper filled with items that they will love and feature all of their favorite things. Get creative and choose a theme that you can build a hamper around, such as a movie night in. Include popcorn, sweets, drinks, cushions for the scary parts, comfy loungewear to relax in, blankets to snuggle under, and memorabilia for their favorite film. 

Charity Donation

Why not do some good and donate a lump sum in the name of the recipient. If they have an organization close to their heart or regularly help out or donate to, then donating in their name can be a great way to help out others while showing you have paid attention to who they are as a person and what they are passionate about.


A membership is a great way to help people get out more and enjoy their gift over and over again. Choose a membership for a local zoo, theme park, museums, and more. All you need to do is identify what membership would suit them and best, and you have a great gift idea!

Novelty Items

If these ideas are wide of the mark, then why not look online at sites such as Etsy to find handmade unique gift ideas that have a fun and quirky novelty factor. Depending on their interests, you can find many different fun items you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Avoid gifting last-minute flowers and chocolates from the gas station the night before by putting some thought into the gift you want to give and by doing your homework to make sure the idea you have in mind is perfect for the person who can be hard to buy for.