Get The Most Out Of Your Essential Oils

Whether it’s to help you destress, to help you sleep, or to benefit from any of the many touted advantages of essential oils, you want to make sure that you’re getting the very best use out of them. Thankfully, there are a few tips that can ensure that you do just that. If you’re uncertain about how to use essential oils, keep the points below in mind.

Photo – Pixabay License

Choose the right oil for your purposes

Don’t expect every essential oil to be good at every potential benefit they can bring. Choose the oil specific to your needs. Browse the different essential oil benefits, such as how lavender is often recommended for helping you sleep, while peppermint oil is thought to be good for easing headaches and inflammation. There might not be a lot of crossover of benefits between different oils.

Quality of oil is important

It’s not just a matter of which oil you should be mindful of. You should take care to look at the quality of the oil, as well. Check that there aren’t too many additives or synthetic ingredients, look for quality extraction methods such as distillation or cold-metal pressing, and try to find a reputable essential oil brand.

Know how to use the specific oil you’re using

Depending on how the oil is prepared, it may be designed to be used in various ways. For instance, some oils are meant to be mixed with a carrier oil and dabbed on the skin, some are used in aromatherapy, and some are even edible. It’s important to note that no oil can be used in every way. They have specific methods for use in some cases and you should check how, exactly, to use it before you do.

If you have a diffuser, take good care of it

One of the best ways to enjoy the benefits of essential oils is with the help of a diffuser. As the name suggests, these machines diffuse the oil throughout the air in small quantities, helping you gradually but thoroughly breathe it as part of the normal air. Learning how to clean a diffuser is vital. You need to take care of the appliance to make sure that it’s able to get the right mix of air and oil, and that older oils aren’t clogging up the works or mixing in with it.

Make sure you dilute any contact oils

There are oils that are designed to be used in contact with your skin. It can be one of the most affordable ways to use oils, allowing for some self-care on a budget. Before you use contact oils, make sure you know where they can be used, as some oils, like peppermint oil, can cause some discomfort if used in sensitive areas. Most important, ensure you’re diluting the essential oil with a carrier oil to make it gentler on the skin.

There aren’t very many ways to get essential oils “wrong,” so you shouldn’t worry too much about that. It’s all about making sure that you choose an oil that fits your purpose and ensuring that you expose yourself to it enough to experience its effects as comfortably as possible.