In today’s times many of us have jobs that allow us to work at home, but living and working in the same environment often tends to leave people bored and uninspired with their surroundings. Drawing inspiration from Max Lam’s minimalist apartment design, here is a way to add new life to your home office.


Minimalist Design Showcased by Contemporary Apartment in Hong Kong, image from


Adding yellow to one wall is a great way to introduce color to a room and to create a focal point. Lemon Twist from Sherwin Williams is a sunny yellow that will liven up any space.  Though it is bright, using neutral furnishings will help subdue the color and create the minimalistic look.

Sherwin Williams Lemon Twist Paint


Add sleek lines with this desk from Ikea. The front drawers make it easy to keep the desk top clear of clutter. The dark color also balances out the yellow on the wall.



Combining a comfortable chair with a funky pillow is great way to add a little more color to the room without clashing with the accent wall.

Ethan Office Chair, Black

Mociun Mandala Pillow


Storage is important, but it often looks cluttered. Organize your stuff with this stylish shelving unit from Etsy.

Chrome Yellow Stripe Hexagon Leather Wall Shelf


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