I don’t know about you, but I sure do miss watching Downton Abbey. I miss Mary’s icy stare, Carson’s firm commitment to protocol and Mr. Bate’s scandalous ex-wife situation. Mostly, I miss it as a visual feast of set and design. Bringing some of the Downton look into your home is easier than you might think, and needn’t require a handsome dowry to achieve. So, until Season Three comes on the horizon, we give you Get The Look: Downton Abbey.


It’s always teatime on this slate-colored Buffet Sofa from ABC Home. Snatch it on sale for $1199.

buffett slate sofa


This Teardrop Chandelier casts a soft glow and won’t require a household staff to keep clean. $129 from Pottery Barn Teen, which has a surprisingly vast lighting selection.

Teardrop Chandelier


One never knows when unexpected visitors may come calling! Make sure your coif is intact with this ornate gold-leaf mirror from Wayfair. $272.90.

Howard Elliott Wellington Wall Mirror


The Dowager Countess is right: Hand-written letters are best read under the discerning gaze of a magnifying glass, like this wire-wrapped number from Anthropologie. $16.

Wire-Wrapped Magnifying Glass


I’m on Team Mary, so I’d put her picture in this Mulberry Picture Frame. Those on Team Sybil may do as they wish. Is anyone on Team Edith?? $55.00 from Supermarket.

Mulberry Picture Frame


Hide ugly store-bought planters with this Carson-approved ceramic beauty. $122.50 from Wayfair.

Tall Parisian Planter


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