Happy Friday! Here’s some quality stuff for under $30.

The ‘original striped taper since 1994’ from Five Stripes come in a variety of colors. This classic black and white combo happens to be our favorite.

Ana Candles Ivory-Black, $24

The possibilities are endless with this paper vase. Construct the thing yourself and hand color it if you wish.

Kami No Tsubo - Paper Vase $15

Impress your guests with these party cups, a step up from the traditional beer cups at those other lame parties.

Keep Calm and Carry On Plastic Party Cups, $15 for set of 10

This heat resistant cutting board will make the most stubborn non-cook want to whip something up.

Joseph Joseph Worktop Saver, Kitchen Tools Design, $27.99

How about these bird magnet/alligator clip things that are ‘so realistic looking you can almost hear them chirp.’

Woodland Birds Magnets , $13 on sale


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