Today’s finds, twenty five bucks or less.

This steampunk horn magnifier from ZGallerie is AWESOME. ‘Nuff said.

Franklin Magnifier, $24.95

This damask lamp from Target is ridiculously cheap and has a plethora amazing reviews.

Room Essentials® Stick Lamp - Black and White Damask, $16.99

This beaded art deco pillow from Urban Outfitters is on sale, excellent quality.

Gold and Black Beaded Pillow, $19.99

Smart design for small places, this bookshelf designed by a Pratt student makes you wish you thought of it. Holds a lot of books.

Conceal Bookshelf, $15

Smoked glass is a thing of the past, but CB2 managed to bring it back with this sturdy barware.

tambien smoke barware, $3.50-$3.95

tambien smoke barware, $3.50-$3.95


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