Happy Friday. This week, nothing over $36.

These 800 page behemoth journals promise to store a ‘lifetime of thoughts’ in style, from Anthropologie.

Suitcase Journal, $25


This roll of regal wallpaper is marked down to $36 for 56 square feet, perfect for a rainy weekend bathroom wall-papering project…

Graham and Brown Mode Wallpaper, $36


…then celebrate with some cake on one of these matchy melamine plates in the bathtub.

Set of Four Artifacts Dessert Plates by Thomas Paul, $20


Cotton shower curtains are underrated. The Olivia shower curtain is grown-up cute.

olivia shower curtain, $35


And speaking of grown-up cute, the Hello Kitty compact complements it nicely. From Sephora.

Hello Kitty Compact Mirror, $18


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