Shopping for a sofa? Here are our favorite picks from across the web.

An oldie but goodie, the IKEA SÄTER is a handsome easy-to-clean model.

SÄTER 2.5-seat sofa, $399


This girly floral settee looks cozy and cute and comes in several colors and prints.

Bristol Floral Pillow-Top Settee, $550


Like all things Japanese, the compact sofa from MUJI is so cute you could put it in your pocket.

MUJI Compact Sofa in White or Brown, $327.50


I’m crazy about this minimalist Asian lowrider sofa with an ornate organic wood frame. Marked down by 50% from $1000.

Tong Sofa, $500


The studs make it cool. Marked down by $100.

Liam Bonded Leather Sofa, $399








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