There’s no better way to stay eco-friendly than using a chalkboard in place of paper for endless note taking. With all of the products on the market as a result of our collective ecomania, I’m surprised there isn’t a wider selection of chalkboard devices out there. Below, some innovative ideas for using chalkboards in the home.

1. With a chalkboard headboard, you could have a place to write down those ideas that pop into your head on sleepless nights…

…at six feet wide, this chalkboard will fit perfectly behind a full mattress. Paint the frame black for dramatic effect.

Quartet Reversible Black Melamine Chalkboard, 4 x 6 Feet, from $229

2. Priced under $10 a roll for this chalkboard contact paper, the diy possibilities are endless. Top an old coffee table with it for a new look, cover old cupboards, or tack it up on your walls.

Chalkboard Contact Paper, $8.45 for a 18" x 6' roll


contact paper ideas:


3. Perfect for nauseating love notes, this heart shaped chalkboard is a great buy for those who don’t like that chalkboard-y look.

Giant Magnetic Chalkboard Heart, $36

4. A large green chalkboard framed in wood feels very old school and a bit steampunk. This one from Amazon is a possibility, although your best bet might be a true vintage flea market find.

Green Chalkboard 48" H x 60" W, $88

5. Have an old throwaway fridge? This is a nifty project for adventurous diy’ers with non-rental refrigerators.

go here for instructions on how to do it.

For another chalkboard idea, you might also like our previous post on the chalkboard painted walls of director Roland Emmerich.


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