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If we learned one thing from the late 80’s/early 90’s, it’s probably that neon should be used judiciously when decorating. Yet, in atoning for the sins of Gen X, we may have become a little too judicious. It’s time to let some neon back in y’all, and here are our top picks:


This neon pink wood and stoneware vase has three removable components that you can mix and match. On sale for $62.25 from DWR.


Wood and Stoneware Vase


This Native Union Pop Phone in neon green lets you relive the days when you could spend hours on the phone literally talking about nothing. $35 via Urban Outfitters.

Native Union Pop Phone Handset


Even the most awkward of family photos would look insta-cool in these neon-trimmed frames. $14.95 from CB2.

acrylic rim frames


There are many ways to brighten a ho-hum sofa or bed, but these jumbo neon cushions are probably the quickest route. Conran Shop $28.



The blue moon of coffee tables. $199 at Fashion For Home.

Luke Blue Coffee Table


The search for the perfect wave ends in the discovery of the perfect neon poster. $35 on Ebay.

Endless Summer Poster Original FLUORESCENT 24x36" on art grade paper


Jazz up your tape dispenser with this rainbow-colored six-pack. $3.99 from The Container Store.

Neon Tape



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Gingham has always been a go-to fabric for summer dress shirts and outdoor tablecloths, but it’s a fun pattern to work in at home, too. Crisp yet casual, it adds a bold pop of color without getting in the way.


Sprightly gingham is paired with refined linen on this CB2 throw pillow. $34.95.

linen check 18" pillow


Contain that sea of pens and pencils lurking in the bottom of your bag with this sharp case from Muji. $7.25.

Gingham Pink Pen Case


Gingham gets all grown up on this black and grey duvet set from IKEA. $24.99.

BRUNKRISSLA Duvet cover and pillowcase(s), black, gray


This boldly blue rug from Williams-Sonoma would enliven even the dullest of spaces. On sale for $119.99.

Gingham Rug


If Dolly Parton had a fancy powder room–which I’m sure she does–I imagine it would feature dainty lampshades like this one from JC Penney. $15.

Gingham Lamp Shade


These earthenware BBQ boats may be intended for hotdogs and fries, but would be equally fun to eat cereal or soup out of. $33.99 from Target.

Gingham BBQ Burger Boat-3 Colors


Mix some gingham into baking time with this tastefully trimmed mixing bowl from Crate & Barrel. $16.95.

Gingham Mixing Bowl



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My infatuation with copper deepened this holiday season when I came upon—and attempted to ransack—my mother’s copper cookware collection (turns out she’s rather partial to the collection herself). The oh-so-shiny, oh-so-conductive metal looks great whether freshly polished or slightly tarnished, whether hung majestically from a rack or used as a casserole dish. With copper prices continuing their upward trajectory—and not wanting to have to lift and scrap copper in order to afford some of my own—I began hunting down some affordable pieces to get a collection going.


Moscow Mule fans will clamor for these solid copper mugs, but they’ll keep other drinks pleasantly chilled too. $19.99 each from Kitchen & Company.

Moscow Mule Copper Mug


A mixing bowl worthy of Julia Child herself: Mauviel’s copper 4.9-QT beating bowl with handy holding ring. $89.99 from Bed Bath & Beyond.

Mauviel M'Passion Copper 4.9-Quart Beating Bowl with Ring


Made of copper wire and lined in mesh, this handmade tea strainer is pretty and practical. $58 from Canoe.

Copper Tea Strainer


This 4-piece set of copper-plated canisters would look right at home in a French farm house—or your house—and is the perfect place to store flour, sugar, coffee and other staples. $61.99 from Overstock.

Hammered Copper 4-piece Canister Set


This very solid-looking copper and brass nautical oil lamp isn’t just for skippers and lighthouse keepers—use it in place of candles for a cozy winter dinner. In the warmer months it makes an awesome outdoor lantern.  $169.95 from Garret Wade.

Solid Brass & Copper Nautical Oil "Anchor Lamp"


Just imagine the sheen you’d achieve by hanging your copper cookware from a copper rack! The top shelf is ideal for storing lids or cookbooks. $144.99 from Home Depot.

Old Dutch Bookshelf Pot Rack with Grid and 12 Hooks, Satin Copper



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A conventional sofa can feel like a cumbersome block of junk, especially when decorating small and/or irregular shaped rooms. The next time you need to furnish a living room or designated seating area, here are a few un-sofa options to consider.

A set of 3 club chairs squished together like this ebay find gives a sofa-like appearance, but with way more versatility.

Vintage 70's ultra MOD Mid-Century Modern Club Chairs , $899


What better way to decorate a living room than to make the ultimate symbol of relaxation its centerpiece? These images prove that hammocks indoors are a great idea…

images from the blog moon to moon

…Etsy shops carry some unconventional styles, like this handmade piece from Hamanica, $38.

Black Magic Single Hammock from Hamanica on Etsy, $38


Be stylish without even trying by swapping your sofa for a rectangular floor cushion. Add layered rugs, baskets to double as coffee tables/media bins for the ultimate relaxed living room. Set off the lowness of it all with a tall lamp and wall decor hung high…

…for a similar effect, layer two of these cushions from Urban Outfitters.

Persian Tile Floor Cushion, $69.99 each


Floor cushion idea too scary? A statement chair with fancy floor pillows strewn about is a safe compromise…

…Moroccan poufs don’t come cheap, but Nate Berkus saves the day with his HSN line at $119 a pop. In white, silver and gold.

Nate Berkusâ„¢ Ivory Pouf with Metallic Stitching, $119



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In the world of stains and finishes, whitewashing is like the perfect pair of sheer tights: what’s underneath is showcased, yet with just the right amount of cosmetic camouflaging. The understated effect of whitewashed wood is perfect for airy, shabby chic interiors and we foresee a big comeback in coming seasons. Get ahead of the curve with one of these pocket-friendly pieces available now.

These whitewashed bins from the Container Store look simultaneously vintage and brand spankin’ new. $14.99.

Whitewashed Wood Bins


Whitewashing gives these solid wood dining chairs a soft, finished feel. $205.99 for a set of four.

Camden Dining Chair (Set of 4)


If you dream of big, fluffy, white beds, then this whitewashed teak frame could be the perfect foundation. $329.

Cassidy Washed Teak Twin Panel Bed


This adorable 5-Drawer Popsicle Dresser is proportioned for young ones (only 29” inches high), but would also work well in an entryway or as lower extra storage. $189.99.

Popsicle Whitewash 5-drawer Dresser


Buddha looks even more at peace in whitewash. $21.50.

Buddha Statue in Whitewash / Brown