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The main reason we at FM don’t have pets—besides being too big a responsibility for your average New Yorker—is that most pet accoutrement are fugly. No matter how stylishly dope your pad may be, one standard-issue cat tree and your whole look is foiled. Still, one does daydream of kitty purrs and doggy tail wags from time to time, and it’s nice to know there’s some cool-looking pet stuff out there should we someday bring home a four-legged friend. Our favorites:

Every cool cat deserves a turntable scratching post to practice on. $35 from Fred Flare.

Cat DJ Scratching Deck

Cat DJ Scratching Deck


$160 is a bit steep for a kitty feces receptacle, but this mod, top-entry box looks like anything but. Just make sure Garfield isn’t too fat to jump back out…

Modkat Litter Box


If they made these for humans, I’d want one too: The fleece-lined Pod from Hepper. $110.

Hepper Cat Pod


For dog lovers who also love the iconic Hudson Bay stripes, there’s this cotton twill dog bed (yes, they sell the dog sweater too, though we typically advise against matchy-matchy). $90.



For the gluten-free doggie: steak and mackerel chew toys. $8.00 each.

Small Dogmeatâ„¢ Mackerel

Small Dogmeatâ„¢ T. Bone Steak



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Just because you can’t afford the Case Study Daybed doesn’t mean your lovable dog or cat shouldn’t have one. $95 from ModPet.

Modern v-leg pet bed, micro-suede memory foam cushion, $95


Another gem from ModPet, this raised feeder is reminiscent of the classic 50’s boomerang tables. A steal at $35.

Raised feeder with double stainless steel bowls and aluminum legs, $35


Never misplace your dog’s leash again with this handmade flower power leash holder. Cheap and customizable, from AplombDesigns.

Flower Power - Dog Tail Leash Holder, $13


This litter hideaway from modernistcat isn’t what you’d call “frugal”, but cleverly masking a disgusting litter box makes all the difference in your decor. Plus it will last forever. $309 from modernistcat.

LITTER HIDEAWAY - the modern cat litter box cover, $309


Could this upcycled vintage suitcase cat bed be any cuter? This cat knows how stylish he looks on it. $59 from AtomicAttic.

Upcycled Green Suitcase Pet Bed, $59


Constructed of the same sturdy canvas used for marine boat covers, this baby is built to last. The pvc and bold color combination give it a sixties feel. From dianesk9creations, $64.95.

Dog Bed Raised Cot Marine Canvas. 22x30x6 High. 12 Colors Available. Sewing Warranty., $64.95



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Furnishings aren’t just for humans anymore, pets need something to lounge around on too. A bed for your animal can also contain shedding to one spot, especially if they really like what you pick out for them. If you have one already, chances are it’s either very generic or screams “pet bed.” Getting one that’s a little more tasteful can make all the difference in a room. Below, some very affordable furnishings for your pampered dog or cat.

This preppy, no-nonsense cot can be used indoors or out.

Camp Cot Indoor Outdoor Dog Bed, $39

Eco-friendly products are all the rage, and these two designs from Harry Barker are fashionable choices done up in classic patterns.

Eco-Friendly Striped Pet Bed by Harry Barker, $60

Eco-Friendly Pet Bed by Harry Barker in Round Toile, $55

Here’s a more feminine option, this affordable rose dog bed from designer Cath Kidson is on sale!

Textured Rose Dog Bed by Cath Kidson, $34

Our personal favorite for the larger dogs, this regal bed comes in various colors and sizes…

Majestic Pet Super Value Economy Pet Bed in Burgundy, $29.75 plus free s/h



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