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Furnishing a space is always first priority, but choosing what artwork to display is equally important. Switching out your art is also one of the easiest ways to change the feel of a room. Sculpture takes that one step further, a bonus design element that adds another dimension to any space.

I must admit I thought I had enough with the taxidermy trend, but then I discovered the White Faux Taxidermy shop on Etsy. I could spend hours looking through their whimsical (and reasonably priced) designs. Unconventional animals in an endless array of colors make for the ultimate wall sculpture.

Hang this jackalope in white and gold over an entryway.

Gold Glitter Antlers

Jackalope with Gold Glitter Antlers, $65


Go nuts with this hot pink unicorn.

Magical Pink Unicorn Head

Magical Pink Unicorn Head, $100


Or go with the black resin faux bison head for a totally cool look.

Black Resin Buffalo/Bison Skull Head, $60

Black Resin Buffalo/Bison Skull Head, $60


Your lonely desk is begging for this pair of sleek black onyx obelisk sculptures. They remind me of the object in Led Zeppelin’s Presence, if you’re into that sorta thing.

Handcrafted Onyx 'Black Towers' Obelisk Sculptures

Handcrafted Onyx ‘Black Towers’ Obelisk Sculptures, $50


Some sculptures can also be hung from the ceiling, adding another layer to an often overlooked area. The Guggenheim museum shop carries a nice selection of mobiles, which remind me of Alexander Calder’s kinetic sculptures.

I’m partial to the Futura Mobile, designed by Ole Flenstead in 1970 to “resemble sick black planets in harmony with their smaller, orbiting red moons.”

Futura Mobile by Flensted

Futura Mobile by Flensted @ GuggenheimStore, $75


The kid at heart will love the LED Prey Model construction toy. With 16 buildable bug models in one kit, have a blast rebuilding your light up sculpture whenever you feel like it. This thing looks like fun for all ages, but displays like a piece of art suitable for grownups.

LED Prey Model Kit, $40

LED Prey Model Kit, $40


If you have a sculpture you’re especially proud of, maybe it deserves its own pedestal. I like this Reflection Pedestal from ZGallerie (they also happen to have a nice selection of sculptural pieces). Place it in an empty corner for instant pizazz and an interior design-y feel.

Reflection Pedestal, $130

Reflection Pedestal, $130


No matter your taste or style, there is a sculpture out there for you.  Get creative, don’t be afraid to get a little weird, and most of all, have fun!

(and send me a pic when you hang your new Tiffany blue moose head)…

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I’m all for dim mood lighting, but sometimes you need a bright watt or two in a particular spot. Get light right where you want it with one of these adjustable light fixtures.

Moveable Lighting


Many sconces blend right into the wallpaper, but not this bright red number from IKEA. Thanks to its ultra-thin LED lamp head, it can fold right up next to the wall when not in use. $49.99.

    IKEA PS 2012 LED Wall Lamp, $49.99

IKEA PS 2012 LED Wall Lamp, $49.99


Pull a 180 with this hardwired brass sconce from Anthropologie. It swivels up, down and all around. $198.

Moving Light Sconce, $198

Moving Light Sconce, $198


These versatile little work lamp look like something you’d swipe from your dad’s workbench. Swing one over a rafter or string a few on a table. $99.99 and up.

Work Lamp, $99

Work Lamp, $99


This bendy gold clamp lamp would look sharp on a white desk or headboard. I also see it clamped to a kitchen cupboard wherever extra light is needed while cooking. $59.

Modern Clip Lamp, $59

Modern Clip Lamp, $59


CB2’s wood and steel Bruno task lamp angles high and low on a solid cast iron base. Its clean lines will encourage you to keep your workspace tidy. $79.95.

bruno task lamp, $79.95

bruno task lamp, $79.95


Restoration Hardware’s 1950’s scissor sconce extends to an impressive 40” long and pivots right and left. I picture it in an industrial-chic dining room or Steampunk living room. $199.

1950s Factory Scissor Sconce, $199

1950s Factory Scissor Sconce, $199



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Updating your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune or require a total renovation! One of the easiest and most affordable ways to keep your space current is accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!! Right now, bringing natural elements inside is becoming very popular with the use of various woods, stone and natural fabrics.

Here are just a few of our great finds!

Try out this handmade vase fabricated out of metal and textured wood available at for just around $34.00.

Natural Home Decor Archer Vase in Brown, $33


If you love mood lighting with a rustic feel go for this Large Natural Teak Stump Candle from At 12” high and less than $50.00, buy a few. Everything is better in threes!

Natural Teak Stump Candle


For some softer elements, these Jute and Cotton throw pillows make a big statement. Both options are around $68.00 for a set of two at

Natural and Black Decorative Pillow, $68 for 2

Decorative Pillow in Beige, $68 for 2


Finally, if you love the idea of adding natural elements to your home but crave a pop of color, check out this beauty from at $44.00. Can’t beat it!

Fire Island Coral Statue




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When you think of art for your home, what comes to mind? Paintings? Photography?  When it comes to art, try thinking of three dimensional options. Adding sculptures to your space is a great way to add dynamic artwork while keeping you walls uncluttered.

If the mention of porcelain makes you think of your grandmother’s collection of creepy dolls, it’s time to change your opinion with the ginger root sculpture from LEIF. It’s minimalistic look and pastel color scheme is a great way to add a feminine touch to your space.  55.00 at

Ginger Root Sculpture


Another porcelain beauty is this silver Buddha head. Its shiny appearance adds some glam while Buddha helps bring peace and serenity. 39.99 at

Silver Finish Large Buddha Head Sculpture

Silver Finish Large Buddha Head Sculpture


The design geek in all of you will appreciate these miniatures of iconic and influential furniture such as the Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe, the Panton chair by Verner Panton and the LCW chair by Charles Eames.  119.00 for a pack of 9 at

mod mini chair sculptures - set of 9

mod mini chair sculptures – set of 9


Currently typography is a huge trend with it comes to interiors. Molded sign language sculptures from Etsy take the trend one step farther. Available in an endless combination of colors. 73.00 for a set of 8.

Sign Language Sculptures


Collapsible stars from Design Within Reach not only a add a geometric element to the space, it also adds and interactive conversation piece. $55.25-$136.

Foldable Star Sculptures



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Plants are perfect for any space. Not only do they add life to your home (literally), they also help filter the air. Paired with a sleek vase or planter, plants are sure to liven up your place.


Wall mounted planters become an instant piece of living art. $20 at

Off the Wall Planter


For nostalgic feelings of chemistry class, try a set of test tube vases. Desk top tubes from Anthropology for $38.

Horizontal Chemist Vase


Ceiling mounted tubes creates a dynamic display without taking up table space. From Pigeon Toe Ceramics, $38-$110.

Hanging Test Tube Vase


How about this wall mounted model for a similar effect? $20 from amberLAnderson at Etsy.

Mason Jar Wall Planter


You’re never too old for toys, especially for this repurposed lion that is bound to give your friends a roar. $18.50 at Etsy.

Lion Planter


Terrariums are perfect for those of you who can’t keep a plant alive for more than 5 minutes. They don’t require water and are close to impossible to kill. $28 at

Glass Hanging Orb