Black is one of those things that will never go out of style, but now there’s a new trend with this old favorite. Layering black on black is a modern twist on the classic aesthetic. Whether you layer black items on top of each other or use items designed to give that effect, black on black is guaranteed to update any look you are going for.


Working late nights? This mug from Good Fucking Design Advice is sure to keep you motivated. $16.

Don’t fucking procrastinate. Black on Black Mug


Stay warm and cozy with Ikea’s grey on black bed spread for $39.99.

MALOU Duvet cover and pillowshams


Before this minimal and sleek design came along, using the phone has never been so sexy. £69.95 at

Swissvoice ePure Digital Phone


This director’s chair can stand alone, or spice it up with a funky pillow. $47.59 At Target.

Director’s Chair – Black Frame


Add industrial flare without the feeling of living in a factory with a wire frame pendant light. The fact that it’s  handmade makes it better. $36.95 at Etsy.

Industrial Modern Black Wire Frame Pendant Light


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