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Looking for a sectional that fits your ever changing lifestyle? The Dual sofa from CB2 may be the perfect match. Its chaise arm is designed to fit both a right and left arm configurations, and its double sided cushions allows you to  switch up your style from traditional to modern.  The Dual sofas versatility means that it is able to fit almost any room layout.

CB2 dual pebble tufted sectional, $1799

CB2 dual pebble tufted sectional, $1799


The neutral color of the sectional provides a prefect canvas for some funky pillows.  These pillows from Society6 have an artistic feel, which helps create a laid back and cool vibe.

gyld^pyrymyd pillow cover, $20

gyld^pyrymyd pillow cover, $20

First Chance Pillow Cover, $20

First Chance Pillow Cover, $20

Negro sobre Blanco Pillow Cover, $20

Negro sobre Blanco Pillow Cover, $20


Placing a rug under the sofa, is a great way to introduce color into the space without it being overwhelming. Mustard yellow adds warmth to the room.

Shag Rug. $109.00-329.00

Shag Rug. $109.00-329.00


Raw materials such as stone and concrete give off an urban feeling. Add a unique planter to add some succulents and greenery to the space…

Air Plant Planter, $18.50

Air Plant Planter, $18.50


…or replace the gravel in this handsome concrete cube with plants.

Concrete cube side table w/ gravel

Concrete cube side table w/ gravel, $200


Art in the form of typography is a style that never gets old.  Spell out words of inspiration with world map letters from Urban Outfitters.

Around the World Letters, $12

Around the World Letters, $12



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Ombre: Having two or more colors/ tones that bleed into each other, often creating a light to dark gradation. Also known as dip dye, this trend has had a huge impact in the world of fashion. Luckily for us, it has made its way to the world of home décor. The thing I love the most about the ombre effect is its versatility.  Depending on its application, ombre can complement any style. From artwork, textiles, dishware and everything in between…

If you ask me, one can never have too many vases. Available in unlimited shapes, sizes, and colors, they are a simple trick to add some interior panache. This version in wood, paired with fresh flowers, is a great combo for a natural look.

Wooden Ombre Vases, $29-99


These wide vases are perfect for storing a wet umbrella on a rainy day.

Dipped Blue Vases, $10-40


For a neutral pallet, try a grey scale pillow from CB2.

Ombre Pillow, $40


Add in a blue-hued rug for an instant calming effect.

Ombre Dye Rug, $129-349


For me, the kitchen is one of easiest places to add personality. Adding trends to your space with kitchenware is easy because small items like plates and silverware can be super trendy without making drastic changes to your overall space. The ombre treatment gives these otherwise plain utensils a bit of glam.

Set of four ombre, gold tipped wooden spoons, $15


Showing off ombre in a more classic material like silver gives theses classic cups a trendy feel.

Vintage Silver Ombre High Ball Set of Three, $18.50



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When it comes to creating art for your home, it can sometimes be a headache. Getting all of the supplies and cleaning up after seem to be more of a hassle than completing the project.  That’s why tape is a great way to add an artistic touch to your home. Yea that’s right, tape! Tape is a great choice for diy art because it’s inexpensive, it doesn’t cause damage to walls or furniture and it’s easy to clean up.


By Amanda,

For this project all you need is painters tape, paint and a canvas (or shoebox top). Choose a base color to paint your surface. After the paint has dried place the tape in any pattern or shape that you want to. Then paint your taped off sections any color you choose. Wait until that dries to peel the tape off and enjoy your new piece of art.

By Kelly,

By Maria,


Is using paint still a little too messy for you? Well you’re in luck; tape is also awesome by itself. There are tons of different decorative tapes to choose from. One of the most popular craft tape is washi tape. This Japanese tape is made of paper, very durable and come in hundreds of different colors and patterns. You can find inexpensive washi tape from and

To make tape art, all you need is tape (duh), a canvas (or a wall).


By Maria,


By Sarah,


By Liz,


By Molla,



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If you’re looking to add some personality to your dining area, I suggest you swing by The Global Table.  Located in both Manhattan’s UWS and in Soho, this tableware and home décor store offers colorful, stylish and unique items from around the world that will fit anyone’s aesthetic. From colorful and cute mugs to sophisticated and chic utensils, The Global Table has it all.

Vases available in almost any color imaginable are perfect for adding pops of color through- out your space. $18 each.


This chic tableware set is a modern take on traditional blue and white Chinese porcelain. $8-24.


Black and white panda mugs are the perfect mixture of cute and playful. $10 each.


Wooden dishes are great for those of you who prefer natural products.  They are also a great way to give your space an earthy and rustic feeling. Bowl, $80. Utensils, $24.


For 52 dollars, this iron industrial styled tea set is a steal. The teapot’s shape and wicker wrapped handle gives the set an Asian inspired appearance.



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When you think of art for your home, what comes to mind? Paintings? Photography?  When it comes to art, try thinking of three dimensional options. Adding sculptures to your space is a great way to add dynamic artwork while keeping you walls uncluttered.

If the mention of porcelain makes you think of your grandmother’s collection of creepy dolls, it’s time to change your opinion with the ginger root sculpture from LEIF. It’s minimalistic look and pastel color scheme is a great way to add a feminine touch to your space.  55.00 at

Ginger Root Sculpture


Another porcelain beauty is this silver Buddha head. Its shiny appearance adds some glam while Buddha helps bring peace and serenity. 39.99 at

Silver Finish Large Buddha Head Sculpture

Silver Finish Large Buddha Head Sculpture


The design geek in all of you will appreciate these miniatures of iconic and influential furniture such as the Barcelona chair by Mies van der Rohe, the Panton chair by Verner Panton and the LCW chair by Charles Eames.  119.00 for a pack of 9 at

mod mini chair sculptures - set of 9

mod mini chair sculptures – set of 9


Currently typography is a huge trend with it comes to interiors. Molded sign language sculptures from Etsy take the trend one step farther. Available in an endless combination of colors. 73.00 for a set of 8.

Sign Language Sculptures


Collapsible stars from Design Within Reach not only a add a geometric element to the space, it also adds and interactive conversation piece. $55.25-$136.

Foldable Star Sculptures