Adding Color to Your Internal Canvas: 4 Ways To Spark Creativity

Pixabay – CC0 License

It is so important to value the idea of creativity. And it’s hardly a surprise that in the modern-day, we lack imagination. We have information drip-fed to us through social media, but also we escape into things that take us away from the current climate. Creativity is one of those things that are not just resigned to the top-tier marketers or artists, but it’s something that we can all achieve. But what does it take to be creative?

Look at the World Through a Fresh Pair of Eyes

The sense of perspective is vital for us to imbue a new way of thinking. If you want to create new and exciting things, you’ve got to allow yourself the luxury of letting your mind wander. A different perspective is invaluable because it can teach empathy, a new way of looking, but it can also give us an alternative vision of things we take for granted. When you start to look at the world through a fresh pair of eyes, you can go one step further and start to document these things. 

Taking photographs is a wonderful way to be more creative by using the world around you because you are looking at it from a different angle. Even if you don’t like the idea of taking portraits or still photography, you can use things like drones to get a more grandiose vision of the place you live. You can click here for more info on drones and if it is an affordable option for you. But a fresh sense of perspective and soaking up new influences by documenting things around you is a wonderful way to ignite creativity by a sense of osmosis.

Setting Deadlines

Creativity is not something that we can just “magic up,” sometimes there has to be a stimulus, and an incentive to do things. It’s amazing what you can do when you apply a little bit of pressure. And deadlines may sound overwhelming, especially if you are trying to make yourself think more freely, that deadlines can be a great way to get your mind working. When you start to think about what you can present at the end of the day, this will have something to show for your efforts. It also forces you to find inspiration in the things immediately around you. It’s not always about thinking freely, but sometimes it’s about concentrating your efforts. 

And the great thing about giving yourself a proper deadline to complete things is that you can fix the issues later on. One of the most famous adages associated with writing is “don’t get it right, get it written.” And this is a wonderful way to spark some creativity and keep you focused. Even if you don’t like what you’ve done, you can always change it later.

Do Not Fear Failure

This goes back to the previous point of not getting it right straight away. Many people fear failure, but we have to remember that there are many achievements that have come into being because of an accident, penicillin being a great example. Some people get annoyed if they make a mistake. But rather than moving on past it, address it, because there may be something in there that sparks you down a whole new direction.

When we fear failure, this puts us in a negative frame of mind, which hinders our productivity. The problem in the modern world is that we are made to fear failure, but failure is the opportunity to learn from mistakes. If you are looking to be more creative, and you, for example, start painting, but it’s not turning out the way you want, is this necessarily a bad thing? Failure reaps many benefits, but we continue to avoid it. In fact, failure is very good for us!

Say “Yes!”

The simplest, but probably most difficult way to become more creative in every aspect of our lives is to say yes to things. We invariably find ourselves worried about new experiences, but we have to seek these things out because it puts us into areas out of our comfort zone. Saying yes is a way to take more opportunities. Having a positive attitude and a sense of openness can help you become more creative.

Creativity is a wonderful thing; it keeps your brain active and it helps you feel a sense of fulfillment, especially if it’s not provided in other areas of your life. If you have a life that is, in your opinion, dull and uninspired, creativity could unlock so many things.