8 Methods Of Making Your Home So Much More Secure


If you’re a homeowner or someone responsible for looking after a residential property, then you’re obviously going to want to make sure that everything is completely fine and dandy in all departments. The look and function will obviously need to be addressed as nobody wants to live in an ugly and useless place. These kinds of things help out in terms of overall satisfaction but also help with the value of the home. Upgrading your home should be something that you look to do pretty much every single year. If you’re keeping things the way they are for too long, then the value will simply depreciate and you won’t get the best out of it. 

Another aspect of home improvement, of course, is the safety and security. If you live in a home that is completely vulnerable in all regards, then it’s not exactly going to be the best possible stay. Your life should be made as simple as possible in this world, and basic security is the bare minimum that you should be targeting. If you’re curious and aren’t really covered as well as you’d like to be, here are a few pointers: 

Finally Get An Alarm System

Most modern homes are built with alarm systems in place as it seems pretty silly not to have a very basic defense mechanism like this installed. If you live in a home that has been around for decades, however, you may need to do this manually. If you have an alarm system in place, it lets absolutely everyone in the surrounding area know what’s happening. If people want to break in and enter your property, they’ll have to face very loud consequences. An alarm is pretty much a staple in this day and age. 

Install Cameras

The same applies to cameras – people will usually have security cameras outside their homes in 2021. If you don’t then you might want to be as diligent as possible and get these things installed. While it may seem Orwellian, we have to make sure that we are fully covered as there are still so many issues plaguing our society. The front, side, and rear should be covered in order to really maximize what you’re trying to do. It’ll deter criminals from even bothering to cause mischief, let alone catch them in the act. A lot of people have cameras at their front doors and will use them to speak instead of answering the door – this might be useful if you’re this way inclined.

Ensure Your Have A Solid And Secure Front Entryway 

This almost goes without saying at this stage, but you’re going to want to make sure that you have a solid front door and overall entryway. If you don’t then it’s going to be much easier for vandals and criminals to take advantage of what you have. Possessing secure front entry doors may seem like such a basic idea, but you’ve probably seen homes that look as though they’re a little worse for wear regarding their first impressions. Make sure that your door and the entrance to the backyard are both looking as though they’re impenetrable. 

Get Some Extra Locks And Extra Keys

If you feel as though you’re in a pretty vulnerable position, it might be wise to get more locks or extra padlocks on your doors. If someone bashes the door down, there’s very little you can do, but you can stop people from picking locks by reinforcing them even more. A lot of doors within a home are often left without locks, too, so that might be something to think about. If you feel as though someone might have taken your keys from you, then it would be wise to keep spares somewhere safe, too. Obviously, if someone has your keys, then one of the best options would also be to have the locks changed as quickly as possible. 

Let Neighbours Know About Anything That Might Be Going On

If a neighborhood watch situation is created, then it’s obviously going to make your entire domestic life a lot simpler. When each individual keeps themselves to themselves, it makes things a lot less secure. If everyone works together, then we’re all going to feel the benefits of it all. It doesn’t have to be too much effort, but simply keeping everyone abreast of the situation can be such a positive and give everyone a boost. It can also stop each neighbor from being suspicious of one another or having an awkward air about each other. 

Do Something About The Foundation If It’s Lacking Somewhat

This is less about the people that could be causing problems and more about the fundamental, natural issues that could be causing problems. When your home has a weak foundation, it could mean things like structural damage and water issues. There will need to be changes if your foundation is a little weak. Make sure things below and above your home are in great condition before moving onto more complex issues. 

Make Sure Fences And Gates Are Strong And Resolute 

One of the biggest problems that homeowners have is their lack of defense regarding their fences and gating. You should border up your home as much as you are able to. If people literally cannot get to your property, then you’re going to be in a great place regarding your security. Fences around the backyard can be taken advantage of if they’re weak and flimsy. If you have large fences and gates covering you up, you’re going to look a lot more imperious than, say, other homes around you. 

Keep The Entire Area Lit For As Long As You Can

If the house is lit up, then people aren’t going to want to cause problems. Bad people like to cause havoc in the dark when nobody can see them, so think about keeping things light for as long as possible. Perhaps you could install porch lights that come on whenever someone sets off the sensor. This idea is so basic yet so effective.