6 Steps to a More Minimalist Home

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When it comes to leading a minimalist life, decluttering your home is always the first step in making any big changes. The truth is, we don’t really need a lot of the things we store in our home, and as such, they become items that sit on shelves or in cabinets gathering dust. 

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However, decluttering can be hard, especially when it comes to treasured items. The trick to having a more minimalist lifestyle is to take it in steps. Try not to do too much at once and allow the process to feel more natural rather than feeling like you are being forced to give something up.

Sections Are Key

Split your home up into sections and give yourself a schedule to attack specific sections. This will break the task down into more manageable actions and give you time to adjust to having fewer items in your home.

Have A Keep Box

Be it important documents, family heirlooms or keepsakes, it is important that you don’t part with anything that will cause you upset. It is about reducing what you own, not getting rid of it. Put them to one side, and once the process is complete, you can find them their forever home.

Storage in Plain Sight

Multi-purpose cabinets and units are the way forward to reduce clutter and furniture from your home. Think seating that opens up to be a storage chest or under under-bed storage.

If you have children placing their favourite toys such as a camp coral spongebob plush in boxes under their beds or on decorative shelves that display a few treasured items can help you keep floor space free from clutter and give everything a specific home.

Break it Down

Tackle each decluttering spree in timed blocks. The last thing you want to do is spend a day sorting out items you no longer want, only for you to leave with piles of items waiting to be donated or disposed of. this will leave you feeling frustrated.

If you spend 10 minutes decluttering a couple of kitchen drawers, this makes anything you need to get rid of easier to dispose of or donate on the day, and you can tick that task as completed.

Do It Have Use?

You may not want it in your house, but if you actually use it, ask yourself, can you live without it? If the answer is no, you need to decide if you can replace it with something that fits in with your minimalist plans or if you actually need to keep it.

When Did You Use It Last?

One great tip people use time and time again for decluttering their wardrobes is to turn the hangers all one way. Once you wear an item of clothing, turn the hangers in a different direction. Then, every few months, assess what you have and haven’t been wearing to allow you to get rid of any clothing that hasn’t been worn for a while.


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