5 Budget Friendly Decorating Ideas this Year

CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels

Budget-friendly decorating isn’t impossible. It can cost a lot to decorate, and even a small room will run into the thousands. So if you are stuck for funds, you may have to come up with some savvy solutions such as getting what you can for free or buying preloved stuff for your home.

Think Very Far Ahead

On average, we decorate every three to five years and renovate around once every fifteen years. But you can save a ton of money by thinking ahead of how you go about it. For example, a new kitchen floor could set you back quite a few dollars. So why buy one that only looks great for a few years and then needs replacing? Play the long game with durable (and sustainable) flooring options such as Spanish tiles, natural hardwood, and stone or polished concrete.

Source Free Materials for Budget-Friendly Decorating

You can get a lot for free when you really try. One of the easiest ways is to just ask. Many people actually have new stuff lying around that they haven’t even used and just want to get rid of it. This includes things like extra paint, wallpaper, and brushes from the last decorating job they did. This also reduced stuff going to waste and landfills. Other sources of free stuff include Facebook Groups, sites like Freecycle in the UK, and just asking when you are at a family party.

Improve Instead of Replace

It’s nice to have new things at home. But many things actually don’t need replacing when you look. For example, your kitchen cupboards are probably fine and have good bones. So why rip them out for new ones? Maybe replacing the doors and the handles or even painting them will help. You can also do this with other things, such as couches, chairs, and bedding. Maybe your stuff isn’t new but isn’t too old either, and new upholstery can give the furniture a lease of life.

Try Some Interior Design Tricks

Have you ever been wowed by a room’s makeover, even though not much has really changed? That’s because interior designers are great at what they do, and they are almost like magicians when it comes to decor. They use certain tricks to fool you, some of which are as follows:

  • Replacing old and tired colors with brighter and neutral tones to emphasize space.
  • Picking quality items to place in a room and removing anything useless to the space.
  • Placing things at the correct heights, such as artwork, mirrors, and even curtains.
  • Using lower furniture to make the walls and ceilings look higher than they really are.
  • Bringing in home-friendly plants to add freshness and vibrance to a room.

The insight of modern interior design isn’t easy, and it helps to know one when decorating. However, these quick tricks can enhance your room when decorating if you get them right.

Add Quick and Easy Fittings

Adding new fittings to a room can bring it back to life. Some can be purely decorative, such as moldings, and some offer new features. For example, you can revitalize your next bathroom decor project with some recessed lighting. This will bring your bathroom into the 21st century while giving you that luxury spa or hotel feel. You can also renew an office or living room with a simple and cheap but very effective feature wall, best placed around a fireplace for impact.

Buy Preloved Stuff for Budget-Friendly Decorating

Too much stuff just gets thrown away when most can be reused. There’s always someone you know getting rid of something, whether it’s a couch, TV unit, or a simple office chair. The point is there is no reason for most stuff to be tossed when you can use them. Of course, some repairs or a good cleaning might be needed. But there is life left in most things. You can visit charity stores in your local area and buy some cheap stuff there while also helping out a good cause.

How About Just Moving Stuff Around?

Interior design tricks are mentioned above. But one that is missed is that many designers simply move stuff around to make better use of the available space. The incorrect placement of furniture and fittings can really impose on a room. So before you even think of decorating, see what you can do by rearranging stuff. Empty the room of all clutter and items, and play with different variations of where your main furniture is placed. The results might surprise you.


You can think ahead and use sustainable materials for a budget-friendly decorating project. There are also some designer tricks you can use, such as rearranging the room’s furniture.