5 Alternative Ways To Treat Hair Loss

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Starting to experience hair loss? While medications such as Rogaine and Propecia are your best options for encouraging hair regrowth, there are many other ways to treat hair loss – including a few unusual options. Below are some of the more alternative ways to treat hair loss.

Get a head massage

Studies suggest that regular head massages may be able to help treat hair loss. Head massages have several benefits – they can dilate blood vessels beneath the skin and stretch hair follicles, all of which can stimulate hair regrowth. They’re also a great form of stress relief (and stress is a big contributing cause of hair loss). This Healthline article explains more.

Wear a laser cap

What on earth is a laser cap? These contraptions are exactly what they sound like – they are caps that shine lasers onto your scalp as you wear them. These low-level lasers can help encourage hair regrowth by increasing blood flow to your hair’s follicles. Kiierr is one popular brand that sells these caps – the caps look just like baseball caps, allowing you to wear them anywhere. You can reduce the cost of these caps by looking out for discounts such as this Kiierr coupon code

Take some sleep supplements

Melatonin is a popular supplement used to treat insomnia. However, research shows that it may also be an effective ingredient in helping to encourage hair regrowth. The most effective way to use melatonin is to apply it as a topical cream. Further studies are needed to determine whether taking melatonin supplements orally has a positive impact, although a good night’s sleep is certain to help (good quality sleep can reduce stress, which in turn can reduce hair loss).

Wash your hair with egg

This one is a bit more wacky, although those who have tried it report it to be effective. Egg yolk is full of nutrients that are necessary for our hair including folate, biotin, vitamin A and vitamin E. Applying these nutrients directly to the scalp can help to nourish the roots of our hair. This may help to reduce thinning of hair and even stimulate regrowth. This guide explains more on how to wash your hair with egg. After letting the egg sit in your hair for a while, make sure to wash it out with shampoo so that your hair isn’t left smelling of eggs. 

Wash your hair with onion juice

Another ingredient from your kitchen that could help to treat hair loss is onions. These root vegetables are packed full of sulfur, which is believed to help promote hair growth. There are hair products on the market containing onion juice that you can try using next time you take a shower. Several studies have found positive correlations between using onion juice and hair regrowth, although greater research is needed to determine just how effective this homemade remedy really is. As with eggs, you may want to apply shampoo an hour or two after applying onion juice so that your hair isn’t left smelling of onions.