4 Forgotten Things When Upcycling Furniture

Upcycling furniture is a great way to get the most out of your old furniture that has had its time. However, when we get our hands on pieces for the first time, enthusiasm can get the better of us and we forget about certain things. Here are some of the most common things that people forget when they start upcycling furniture.

kissu from Pixabay


Wood is a very versatile substance and there is not much that can’t be done with it. Normally when wooden furniture is being upcycled, it needs to be prepared first. This requires washing the furniture down, making sure it is dry, and then sanding it a little bit. Depending on what you are planning to do with it, you might need to apply a base coat before putting your first coat of paint on. This entire step can be time-consuming but if you want your furniture to stay looking good, it needs to be done. 

A quick word about MDF furniture, it is very hard to upcycle and prep it properly. If you do decide to work with it, be prepared for it to peel after a while.


The hardware of your furniture is the handles and knobs that are used. People normally remember these, sometimes an entire project can focus around a set of handles that have been discovered. However, furniture locks and hinges are normally the last things on peoples minds. Sometimes the hinges are fine and you can work away without needing to replace them but it is always worth your while checking that they are ok.

Where to work

From point one alone, it is clear that upcycling furniture is a big job that can take a while, especially if you have a piece that requires a lot of TLC. This is not the type of hobby that you can do in the kitchen when the dinner is cooking, and it needs its own space. If you can, make some space outside in the garage or have a shed for this type of work. You could do it in the room that the furniture is going to end up in too if you have the space and you know it won’t be touched.


So, you have washed and painted, new handles are on, and it is in the space that you want it in. You open the drawer to put stuff in, and there it is, the bare wood. Lining the drawers might not seem like a big deal but when you have gone to the effort of doing the rest of the unit it can seem like you have forgotten a major part of it. Lining the drawers can be done when you are painting the rest of the unit, there is nothing wrong with painting them too. Or you could line them with paper or self-adhesive plastic.

Upcycling your furniture can be a great pastime. Just remember these points when you are working on your pieces and you will have a beautiful collection of furniture that will last you for years to come.